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We all crave a sense of belonging.  It is intrinsic to our human nature, our joy, our self-esteem, our health, our well-being, and most of all, to our survival. This is why it can feel very satisfying when we spend time with family members, hang out with friends, collaborate with co-workers, and take part in […]


As young children we are encouraged to use our imagination.  We play ‘make believe’ with various lifestyles, career paths, and accomplishments and do not worry about the risks involved or how we’ll make it happen. Everyone is happy to entertain our ideas! As the years pass, we suddenly arrive at an age where we are […]


We’ve all experienced that feeling of excitement as we look forward to something new. Perhaps it’s a special event, a career change, a new relationship, or a move. We may feel curious, giddy, nervous, or other emotions such as enthusiasm, excitement, and passion. Maybe a combination of them all! Currently I am buzzing with the […]


When I think of the word “Grandmother”, I lapse into a dreamy, nostalgic state when life was simpler. As a young girl, it didn’t seem to matter what was going on in the world, my grandmother’s face, voice, and soothing presence would calm me. She was a strong and silent woman who imbued a certainty that […]


Living in reciprocity is something that has spoken to my heart and spirit, for many years. Currently, it feels more important than ever on our planet to consider its value and application. Let’s set the groundwork… Reciprocity: mutual dependence, action, or influence. Synonyms:  interchange, mutual understanding, mutuality, congruence, connectedness, interdependence, complementarity, exchange, and universality. Opposite: […]


When we reflect on our lives, we may notice that on days that we feel better about ourselves, happier and more fulfilled, we are also able to offer a greater degree of care, support, and generosity to others. This is because we can only love and outwardly appreciate the degree to which we have nurtured […]


How comfortable are you with apologising to someone if you hurt their feelings or did something that upset them, whether you intended to or not? How comfortable are you with receiving an apology or even asking for one if someone has hurt you by their words or actions? These are important questions to ask. Your […]


This month’s blog is an interview with one of our wonderful Women’s Wellness Circles’ hosts, Tricia Rudy, who is hosting just outside of London, Ontario. 1) How did you find out about Women’s Wellness Circles? I saw a post on a friend’s Facebook timeline about an upcoming Women’s Wellness Circle in my area. The event and […]


Humans have a natural inclination to want to be first for things. Among many positive perks, it provides an enjoyable dose of serotonin – that happy neurochemical that gets activated when we feel capable and proud. As a child, having ‘first pick’ as to whom will be on your team for a sport, or to […]


It’s not possible to know the ripple that will occur from a “Yes”. How can we anticipate what will come when we take that first step? Truly we can’t. It’s not until we walk the path that upon which we can reflect and see all that has occurred and rippled out, can we know the […]