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On a recent meeting for Circle hosts, Jill, the founder of Women’s Wellness Circles, spoke briefly about a book she recommends called: ‘Gift from the Sea’ by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. She referred to it as timeless and mentioned that it reflected many of our Circle concepts. I decided to order it. It has since inspired […]

C is for Circle…

Reflecting on the best way to describe a Women’s Wellness Circle, I realized that the majority of the most accurate and powerful words begin with the letter ‘C.’ If you’ve attended a Women’s Wellness Circle or another kind of circle gathering, I’m sure you’ll resonate with the following C-word descriptions: Community – Humans are social […]

Planting Seeds

I love my new subscription to Magnolia Magazine this year. It was recommended by a friend, and I felt a resonance with her suggestion immediately. This issue had a brilliant article entitled, “Looking back at the themes that defined our year.”   It included: Spring – Purpose Summer – Risk Fall – Rhythm Winter – Rest […]

10 Benefits of a Women’s Wellness Circle

All of our wonderful Women’s Wellness Circle hosts in a growing number of locations across Canada are dedicated to making your time spent in Circle an inclusive, heart-warming, educational and valuable experience. I’d like to take a moment and highlight some specific and powerful benefits you can expect to receive when you choose to show […]

The Circle of Life and Becoming a First-Time Gramma

The Circle of Life is precious: Full of transitions, movement, and character development as our roles vary and change with the ebb and flow of circumstances, needs, and family growth. I’m experiencing this right now as I am blessed to have become a first-time grandmother: “aka, Gramma”. My grandson is 7 weeks old. Leading up […]

Magically Delicious!

I’m an amazing cook.  Unless it’s rice.  I can mess up rice even in a rice cooker.  But that’s another story.  Even as I say that I’m an amazing cook, I start to doubt – am I actually? What makes me think that?  I’ve really had some colossal flops – minced turkey loaf with gelatin […]

Inclusivity vs. Exclusivity

Twenty years ago, a good friend invited me to attend a women’s gathering with her.  I happily accepted the offer and was looking forward to joining her.  When we arrived however, a rather unsettling situation transpired… Unbeknownst to my friend, it was a ‘closed group’. If anyone wanted to bring a friend, they had to […]

Planetary Cycles That Support Our Earth Journey

The Seasons have shifted as they always do, and I’m so grateful to have the pleasure of writing and connecting with all of you once again. Our planet recently celebrated the Solstice. Those in the Southern Hemisphere welcomed the beginning of winter. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we welcomed in summer. In […]

Confronting Your Grizzly

Is there something in your life that needs to change, improve, be re-framed or perhaps released? There’s a good chance there is and during this pandemic, it’s become harder and harder to ignore. Can you relate? While humanity as a whole is dealing with the common issue of COVID-19, on an individual level we are […]

The Power of Virtual Circles!

It is no surprise that our current worldwide Covid19 health conditions are changing the way we interact on a personal and business basis. Our monthly Women’s Wellness Circles are no exception. As the social distancing measures rolled out the third week of March 2020, and the Newmarket/East Gwillimbury Circle was fast approaching on the fourth […]