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1. I enjoy gatherings, workshops and events that bring people togetherquestion-01
2. I often find myself looking for opportunities to bring people togetherquestion-02
3. I believe we are happier and healthier when we have regular social connections with othersquestion-03
4. I like to learn about health and wellnessquestion-04
5. I like to share information about health and wellness with othersquestion-05
6. I think that learning about health and wellness is useful and empoweringquestion-06
7. I’d like to make new friends and expand my social networkquestion-07
8. I have training in a wellness modality/program or I am a health practitionerquestion-08
9. I care about others and the wellbeing of our planetquestion-09
10. I understand the importance of self care, especially for womenquestion-10
11. I know that life can get busy and many woman put aside or forget about their own needsquestion-11
12. I have done my own inner work and I am on my own personal wellness journeyquestion-12
13. I believe that we are all connected and as we grow and evolve ourselves, we contribute to others and the planetquestion-13
14. I want to be part of a collective mission to empower and uplift women in my community and beyondquestion-14
15. I believe that as women heal, the world healsquestion-15
16. I know there are many health and wellness modalities that women can benefit from, they just may not know they existquestion-16
17. I understand that being on a health and wellness path can feel lonely when our family members and friends do not share these interestsquestion-17
18. I want to bring people together who share these common interestsquestion-18
19. I believe there is a body-mind-spirit connection that needs to be understood and supported if we want to achieve health and wellnessquestion-19
20. I want to be more empowered and have more funquestion-20

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