Women’s Wellness Circles Blog

I can’t express the joy I feel with my unfolding adventures with the Women’s Wellness Circle! This role as host is something that is divinely aligned with my soul. In the last year and a half I have learned so much about myself. When I began hosting Circle, although I knew I wanted to do […]

Love is a beautiful and yet confusing subject, one that has been explored, defined, and redefined throughout history. Like with so many other complex concepts, guidebooks are offered, and theories and models are tested, in order to discover how to build successful relationships. While books on this topic are endless, the one that my husband […]

Do you have a regular daily routine that you implement to set the standard and the course of your day ahead? If you hit the ground running the moment your alarm sounds and your feet touch the floor, you are likely going to miss the opportunity to be grounded, centered, and focused from the inside-out.   […]