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Me First! - Image of woman with arms in the air and confetti falling

Humans have a natural inclination to want to be first for things. Among many positive perks, it provides an enjoyable dose of serotonin – that happy neurochemical that gets activated when we feel capable and proud. As a child, having ‘first pick’ as to whom will be on your team for a sport, or to […]

Lovely scenery seen through a circular tube

It’s not possible to know the ripple that will occur from a “Yes”. How can we anticipate what will come when we take that first step? Truly we can’t. It’s not until we walk the path that upon which we can reflect and see all that has occurred and rippled out, can we know the […]

I Am - photo of a blue heron bird

Did you know that anything you say after the word “I AM,” you become? This is because words cast powerful spells. That’s why it’s called “spelling”. I read this passage and reflected on where I find myself today. It had me thinking of some of the words I have used in spelling my self-talk prior […]