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Woman walking on boardwalk across field near mountains

“Follow Your Happiness! It is calling to you! .  .  .  leading you to the place where you will find your greatest good.” -The Way of Love, by Joan Walsh Anglund   Every morning when it’s still dark outside and my day is just beginning, I sit with this powerful little book of poems, accompanied […]

Women's faces and hands in a circle

Looking back, I realize what a special gift it had been to be able to guide my students through regular yoga practice. Each pose progressively prepared them to fall into a state of greater self-awareness and quiet stillness. Why? So that they could ease into a mindful state, completely devoid of judgment. This is not […]

Women in a circle

Today, I went for a walk. I am travelling this week in Vancouver, searching for a place for my daughter to live as she attends the University of British Columbia in the fall.  So, this walk was not my ‘usual’! I had a specific destination in mind as I set out.  However, as I started […]