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Woman hugging a tree

Living in reciprocity is something that has spoken to my heart and spirit, for many years. Currently, it feels more important than ever on our planet to consider its value and application. Let’s set the groundwork… Reciprocity: mutual dependence, action, or influence. Synonyms:  interchange, mutual understanding, mutuality, congruence, connectedness, interdependence, complementarity, exchange, and universality. Opposite: […]

Self Esteem

When we reflect on our lives, we may notice that on days that we feel better about ourselves, happier and more fulfilled, we are also able to offer a greater degree of care, support, and generosity to others. This is because we can only love and outwardly appreciate the degree to which we have nurtured […]

Heart coming out of an open book

How comfortable are you with apologising to someone if you hurt their feelings or did something that upset them, whether you intended to or not? How comfortable are you with receiving an apology or even asking for one if someone has hurt you by their words or actions? These are important questions to ask. Your […]