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Do you wish you were braver or more powerful?  Have you ever felt scared, small, or invisible?  Have you ever been afraid to speak up?  Have you ever craved to be heard? What if you could live your life from a place of power, compassion, and bravery and practice self-love all at the same time?  […]

We are basking in the energy of our Empower One event:  a celebratory gathering shared by our Women’s Wellness Circle hosts and attendees across Canada, in honour of International Women’s Day. This 4th annual gathering took place online instead of in-person due to the C-19 restrictions. This worked out in our favour, however. Since the […]

I am in a reflective space as I write this month’s blog on the countdown to our Empower One, International Women’s Day event. Excitement is mounting as we embark on a completely new experience this year that is going to take us on an international adventure. Yes, you heard me correctly! We will be ‘traveling’ […]