Women’s Wellness Circles Blog

Paper dolls holding hands circling the globe

In 2008, soon after I moved to Holland Landing, Ontario from England, I attended a networking event with the intention of meeting new people and getting connected with the community. At that event, something wonderful and unexpected happened:  I had the pleasure of learning about the Women’s Wellness Circles through Karen Armstrong, who is the […]

Collage concept photo of a silhouetted face and swirling colours

Historically women have been gathering in Circles for centuries. We are genetically wired to commune, share and nurture. This energy grows and spills over into our homes, our families, our communities. Nothing can quite compare to having a genuine, safe, and welcoming place to feel seen, held, and to share in the splendor of mutual […]

Photo of an alarm clock with images of the changing seasons within.

Sunshine and warmth are emerging, heralding new growth, as the seasons have shifted in the Northern Hemisphere; and we have entered the days of new beginnings. There are four seasons that the earth cycles through annually. Depending on where you live, you might not actually witness or feel them all, but we each know of […]