Women’s Wellness Circles Blog

All of our wonderful Women’s Wellness Circle hosts in a growing number of locations across Canada are dedicated to making your time spent in Circle an inclusive, heart-warming, educational and valuable experience. I’d like to take a moment and highlight some specific and powerful benefits you can expect to receive when you choose to show […]

The Circle of Life is precious: Full of transitions, movement, and character development as our roles vary and change with the ebb and flow of circumstances, needs, and family growth. I’m experiencing this right now as I am blessed to have become a first-time grandmother: “aka, Gramma”. My grandson is 7 weeks old. Leading up […]

I’m an amazing cook.  Unless it’s rice.  I can mess up rice even in a rice cooker.  But that’s another story.  Even as I say that I’m an amazing cook, I start to doubt – am I actually? What makes me think that?  I’ve really had some colossal flops – minced turkey loaf with gelatin […]