Photo of an alarm clock with images of the changing seasons within.

Sunshine and warmth are emerging, heralding new growth, as the seasons have shifted in the Northern Hemisphere; and we have entered the days of new beginnings.

There are four seasons that the earth cycles through annually. Depending on where you live, you might not actually witness or feel them all, but we each know of Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Without the context of seasons, weather would seem unpredictable; and it would be difficult to know how to navigate and prepare. Luckily, we have this understanding that can provide insight and patience to make timely decisions and live in better balance.

Through my connection to nature, the seasons, and the cycles, I’ve come to trust that there are patterns and rhythms we can follow that will support our life journey and choices. This knowledge has assisted me greatly over the years, especially during times of big transitions or times when I’ve been required to embrace the unknown.

For example, recently I’ve been in the season of “New Beginnings”.  Reflected in this is the new location for my business. This is a very exciting development and time in my life – the possibilities seem endless!

Just before Spring, the season of New Beginnings, I was tuned inward, resting, and reflecting. My focus was to make space and to conserve my energy for when it was time to create.

Just like the Earth, humans have our own seasons that we cycle through. During each period, we may feel certain emotions arise that provide information, showing us what we may need or how to best prepare and helping us to forecast what is to come next.

If we understand and treat our emotions as signals, we can use them to shift direction, make timely decisions, and ultimately birth new and better circumstances for ourselves.

However, if we ignore or suppress our emotions, or force them to change, we can miss powerful information and opportunities to grow in bigger and better ways.

Embarking on something new requires physical, mental, and emotional space. Without this awareness and understanding, we may feel resistant to letting go and making the necessary changes. Instead, we may experience confusion, discomfort and even chaos. When we understand what is happening and take action consciously, it can feel exciting and empowering!

Before finding my new space and stepping into new beginnings, I had to prepare by moving through my own seasons that informed and guided me. Let’s journey through each one to have a glimpse at how it works…

Summer or Full Growth

Summer is the season of Abundance, wherein we see our creations, our businesses, and our relationships thriving and growing. During this time, I felt a sense of ease and creativity. The right people and connections flowed in; things were bright and hopeful. I enjoyed this energy surge and felt full. I reveled in the present moment with a knowing that it was a phase to be enjoyed to its fullest!

Fall or the Wane

After Summer comes Fall; and after the fullness, there is a wane. So, it’s not a surprise when our energy begins to shift. Rather than be caught off guard, I expected and prepared for it. I watched my emotions and knew they would signal what I would need next and when it was time to change. I began to feel tired and depleted which showed me that I needed to receive external support. So, I did just that! Frustration and Anger showed me where I wasn’t holding healthy boundaries, so I tightened them up. As a result, anything that was unnecessary or a distraction, naturally began to fall away.  I knew I was in the phase of making space.

Winter or the Rest

Next comes Winter or Rest. Just like the plants return to their roots in winter, we, too, must move inwards and reconnect. Stillness is an essential part of the process and sometimes the most uncomfortable. It is here that we remind ourselves that after stillness comes action, after rest comes energy, and after dark always comes the light. It is here that a sense of hopefulness is reborn!

Spring or New Beginnings 

Next comes the resurgence of Light and we begin again! Time to plant seeds with new energy and awareness, and set our intentions based on how we want to feel after all we just learned. We enjoy new perspectives, new connections, new opportunities, and new growth.

Eventually we will move through all the cycles again, trusting we will come out the other side renewed and with a new view.

Of course, during any season, there will be weather or circumstances we can’t predict. Sometimes there are storms we didn’t see coming or unseasonably sunny days. However, most often, there will be a pattern that you can count on to show you the way.

I encourage you to give yourself the gift of awareness of the Cycles and Phases of Nature and Life and to accept that each one serves a purpose.  Then you can do your best to stay present through it all.

A wonderful space to tune into these cycles is at our monthly Women’s Wellness Circles. I love to hold space, to role model, and to share this wisdom with others; so they understand that they have these tools, too.

Circes of Life Seasons,

Amanda Perrone

Moon Mother and Oshawa Women’s Wellness Circle Host
Offering Moon Teachings and Ceremonies, Circles, and Drum Journeys


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