A field of sunflowers

Over the years, I’ve seen pictures and postcards displaying fields of radiant Sunflowers. Often, I have imagined how fun it would be, and how wonderful it would feel, to actually immerse myself in their solar-fueled energy and presence.

Well, I finally did it, and it was a powerful experience in more ways than I would have expected!

This trip was part of a special Birthday excursion that my daughter had planned for me. Being a Leo, my Zodiac flower is the Sunflower; so, it was especially fitting. ‘Not to mention, just like a sunflower, I often turn towards the sunshine as I enjoy the warmth and brightness it exudes.

Our intention was to head out first thing in the morning and make it a day trip, as the farm was located two hours north of our city.

When we awoke that morning, it was raining quite heavily, and the sky didn’t look like it was going to clear up any time soon.  So, we waited until noon to see if it would change. And it did! By then, the sun was shining brightly, and the ground was starting to dry up.

In the early afternoon, we ventured out on our road trip.  However, just as we were halfway there the sky turned grey, and it began to pour rain again. Since we had already made it that far, we decided to keep going and maintain the faith that it would clear up again.

Just as we arrived at the farm the gate was only partially open, and the sign said ‘Closed’. Not only did it rain there, it had also hailed – big pellets of icy rain – and there were still lots to be seen on the ground. Since the extreme weather conditions had taken a toll on the Sunflowers, they were closing up for the day.

Thankfully, a few of us had just arrived at the same time. So, the staff said that if we didn’t mind the impact the weather had on the farm, then we could go in and have the place to ourselves. Of course, we said ‘Yes’! I’m so happy we did, as what transpired was nothing less than a Birthday blessing curated by Mother Nature herself.

Simultaneously, as we walked over to the field, the grey clouds parted, a blue sky appeared, and the sun began to shine brightly. It felt like a completely new day—all over again!

As we neared the Sunflowers, it was visibly apparent that they had ‘weathered’ some stormy conditions. They were quite droopy, and many had their top petals distorted or removed. These were not the kind of flowers anyone would be gifting in a bouquet or displaying on a table.

What was interesting, however, was looking at the wholeness of the field of Sunflowers, those issues were barely noticeable! Instead, what was apparent was a ‘Yellow Beauty’ that shone right through and a collective sense of community, resiliency, and power.

This story carries wonderful messages that are reflected in our Women’s Wellness Circles.  I’d like to share some of them with you:

  • THE SUM IS GREATER THAN ITS PARTS: Individually, we all experience our ups and downs in life; it’s a natural part of the journey. On our own, it can be a lot to handle and can take its toll. However, when we come together and join other women in Circle, the whole becomes much stronger than the individual parts. As well, just like those Sunflowers on this stormy day, those messy or droopy parts of ourselves are no longer noticeable. The reason is thanks to the power of community, we are strengthened and uplifted.
  • TRUSTING THE PROCESS: During the warmer months, various Circle locations will hold their gatherings outdoors. This is something I’ve been doing for almost two decades, and it amazes me how much Mother Nature conspires to support this. On those times that rain or even hail falls from the sky, it tends to happen just before or right after our Circle gathering. Numerous times we thought we’d need to cancel and then voila, just like magic — the clouds part and the sun shines through — just like our Sunflower farm trip.
  • SUSTENANCE IN VARIOUS FORMS: Circle is nourishment in a variety of ways — through the women we meet, the inspiration and learning from the topic and presenter, and of course, the host who creates the space for Circle to unfold. Sunflowers also serve a range of purposes, such as wonderful medicinal properties or as pigment for textile dye and body paint. Sunflower oil is used for internal and external uses, and the stalks were once dried for building materials. They’re also a food source for humans, animals, and plant life. Sunflower seeds are a tasty snack you’ve probably enjoyed.

So where do you experience the power, upliftment, and countless benefits of community in your life? If you have that kind of support, that’s wonderful. If you are looking for it, then consider joining one of our Women’s Wellness Circles or perhaps start one in your community. I’d be happy to chat about it!

Circles of Community Spirit,

Founder & Mentor Women’s Wellness Circles


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