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Jill Hewlett

Toronto East End

Brain Fitness Expert, Wellness Authority, Author and Speaker, Jill Hewlett, is licensed in the field of Educational Kinesiology and a Brain Gym® consultant of two decades. 

A decade and a half ago, Jill began a Women’s Wellness Circle in York Region that has grown into multiple locations that she mentors across Ontario and beyond.

Author of Common Sense, Uncommonly Practiced, and Uncommon Sense, Put Into Practise,     Jill has a passion for making life change and improvements attainable for all who want it.

By sharing user-friendly tools that can be implemented in just minutes to reduce stress and optimize performance, participants and audiences feel an immediate difference.

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“A decade and a half of hosting Women’s Wellness Circles on a monthly basis has shown me that when women gather with the goal of learning, sharing and connecting, wonderful and seemingly magical stuff happens… and we are all better for it.

Many years later, I continue to personally benefit from each gathering; and in such a fast paced world, as a single mom and entrepreneur; perhaps more so than ever before.

Women constantly tell me how their lives have been enriched, and even changed thanks to these monthly gatherings. As well, ripples of positive energy touch the lives of our loved ones and communities as we take how we’ve grown and what we’ve learned back into our lives.”


Karen Armstrong


As a Reiki Master, Biophoton Light Therapist and Enneagram coach, I have a valuable set of resources to support people on their journey to better understanding themselves.  

My clients come to me when something in their life isn’t working. Whether that is expressed through a relationship, overwhelm with the responsibilities in their life or a physical symptom that no one seems to be able to figure out – the answers reside within the individual. I offer a safe place to explore, question and heal so that a sense of well-being and empowerment can return.

I have learned that the life we are experiencing is a direct reflection of our beliefs, thoughts and the choices we make every day.

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“Circle brings together many core loves of mine; sharing in community, learning new things and hearing stories of how our presenters found their path.

I began by hosting the outdoor space for summer circle in York Region, and that was an easy transition to co-hosting, and then hosting my own Circle. 12 years have rolled along, and this amazing experience continues to feed me and the hundreds of women who have attended over the years. To see the friendships that have formed and the growth of the women who attend is truly moving.

My life is richer for the commitment I have made to Circle and for the beautiful friendships gained. Jill, I am forever grateful for the seed you planted and for the opportunity to grow and nurture that seed with you.”


Terri Klein


Terri Klein is an author, a speaker, a wellness coach, and a “habit-change expert.” She helps people to thrive by teaching them how to quiet their overthinking minds and build emotional muscle.  She does this by helping them to rewrite their limiting stories so they access the best parts of themselves and live their best life.

Terri coaches and leads her How to Quiet the Overthinking Mind workshops using her cutting-edge, science based curriculum to help her clients move out of struggle and into greater joy—out of their overthinking mind and into an accepting, peaceful place. She helps you to rewire your brain and manage your mind.  A trained mind can quiet an overthinking mind!

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“My journey as host of Vaughan Women’s Wellness Circle began in November of 2016. Reflecting on this chapter brings a smile to my face. It has been so lovely experiencing the essence of circle, which is all about connection, empowerment, personal growth, and healing. The best part is the phenomenal women and the dynamic speakers. Each month I look forward to learning about an exciting new topic and experiencing something unique. Circle creates a special bond between women—an intimate connection that feels both safe and empowering. It builds self as well as community—both ‘me’ and ‘us’.”

A circle – an eternal bond.

A way to feel safe; to connect, to belong.


Casandra Bryant


Casandra’s fusion as a strategic thinker and listener along with her ability to get to the heart of the matter connects with those who have a desire to step into their spotlight. She appreciates that a purpose-led life is about personal development, curiosity, courageousness and believing in oneself.

As a Transformational Coach, she works with high achieving women in Canada and the USA.  Casandra has a M.Sc. in capacity building & development and over two decades in the non-profit and corporate sectors.  Along with coaching her stellar clients, she is embarking on deeper work with female entrepreneurs who are leading social enterprise and innovation.

She nurtures empowerment by co-hosting the Women’s Wellness Circle in Markham/Stouffville and hosts “The Why Club”.

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“We began hosting Markham/Stouffville Circle in 2016. These circles hold a special place in our community and we meet in a wonderful space at the Village Hive.

Between my co-host Tanya Porter and I, we began this journey together with a desire to create community and hold space for women who seek growth, expansion and connection with other like-minded and like-spirited women. 

It’s also for myself – with my journey for growth and expansion, knowing a huge part is connection with others.  There is incredible beauty found in a circle of women.  That beauty is created, shared energy and that energy is magic.  We all need a little magic in our lives and I find it here.”


Tanya Porter


Tanya Porter is the founder and Living Arts Director of The Inner Space, teaching meditation and classical yoga to both adults and youth for over 20 years. She is also the creator of the mindfulness drumming modality Rhythmic Re-framing, bridging her 30 years of drumming experience together with her yoga and meditation practices. She is a multi-disciplinary artist, performer, educator, holistic energy practitioner and yoga instructor specializing in over 25 years of Theatre, Drum, Dance, and creative wellness programming for all ages.

Her workshops and teambuilding programs are popular in private, corporate and educational settings. She also offers customized one-on-one sessions in yoga, meditation, drumming and other healing disciplines.

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“One of the things I love most about being a Circle host is that it ensures that I will have special time each month to reconnect with myself and other like-hearted women to replenish and re-set. As women, we are often the nurtures and it’s easy to get depleted. In circle I am not just a host but also a participant as each month fantastic facilitators guide our exploration of self-discovery and self-care, through creativity, arts, nutrition, and physical, mental, emotional & spiritual practices. We hold space together and for each other, lightening the load and nourishing and supporting our wellness. As we open Circle we find ourselves wrapped in the most beautiful energy, and when we close circle we each take that energy with us for the month. What a gift!”


Amanda Perrone


Amanda Perrone is a Mentor, Healer, and Moon Mother and has been using the magic of the moon and ceremony for the last four years to create a life by design. She is incredibly passionate about creating community and helping others master the art of flowing with moon cycles and their own natural rhythm.

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“Circle has been the anchor that consistently reminds me I am part of something bigger. I feel like the Oshawa Circle has taken on a life of its own, made up of all the beautiful energy of the women who attend.

Each month it breathes life back into me and my community. It’s a consistent gift.

My guests have shared with me that it has changed their lives, they have made heart connections with the women in their communities, and they have come to also see themselves as part of something bigger. They always leave in a high vibration, clear and uplifted… feeling supported and safe.”


Debbie Armstrong


“As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist it is clear to me the body, mind and spirit are interconnected. When I met Jill, I quickly realized that the Women’s Wellness Circle was my purpose. Time spent in Circle is precious to me. We are social beings; being together is essential to our mental health and our gifted presenters enlighten us on how to best support growth and change.

I have seen such a difference in women who attend Circle; they connect with happiness and joy. My life has changed immensely having this time together in Circle with women who enter as strangers and leave as sisters. Thank you Jill, for seeing a need to provide wellness education, love and community support in the form of Circle.”

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“I feel overjoyed having the opportunity to hold space for such an amazing group of women.  It’s a beautiful time of inclusiveness for all who come, filled with education, friendships and a community of souls eager to celebrate and support our heartfelt moments together. The power in numbers is clearly felt! It’s exhilarating, and we take that feeling with us until we meet again!”


Lauren Helmkay

Lauren Helmkay


Lauren Helmkay is a Certified Functional Medicine Health & Wellness Coach and founder of the Dodging Diabetes Blueprint program designed to help women take control of their health.

Having more than 25 years leading teams and developing individuals in the corporate sector, Lauren is an artist and creative at heart. She loves to work with women as a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert and is also passionate about sharing the joy of Nia, a non-impact holistic dance based practice addressing body, mind and soul.

Dedicated to helping others to live their lives with intention, Lauren’s favourite quote is “Your FUTURE is created by what you do TODAY, not TOMORROW.”

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For me, Circle is all about being present.   A time to connect – with your deepest truest self, with other amazing women, and with life giving universal energy.

Truly giving yourself the gift of time once a month to immerse yourself – in the joy of the camaraderie of other women, the sharing of knowledge and wisdom, and the opportunity to just sit with your thoughts too.   

Energizing and uplifting, Women’s Wellness Circles create a safe space for each of us to look within and ensure we’re in alignment with our heart’s desires!”


Jenn Bruder

Jenn Bruder


Jennifer discovered the benefits of yoga over 20 years ago and felt called to share it with others through teaching as a Registered Yoga teacher with the Canadian Yoga Alliance.  She received her CYA RYT 200 certification in 2013 at Georgian College studying under Heather Stanley.

Jennifer has cultivated her practice in yoga and meditation and has been inspired by many teachers along her journey studying recreation leadership, Vipassana meditation, Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MSBR), and Chakra Yoga.  She owned and operated a home studio Ancient Oak Yoga – before relocating to her hometown of Cambridge.

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“Women’s Wellness Circles has been such a positive experience.  I’ve had the opportunity to connect and learn from other hosts, and feel a heartfelt welcome to this amazing community of women.  Jill has been professional, thoughtful and shared her many years of experience during our training sessions which was detailed and allowed time to reflect between sessions.

It is clear to me that, when we come together to support, share and learn, we actively engage in our own personal growth. I’m very pleased to be a part of the Women’s Wellness Circle hosts and so excited to share the circle with my community.”



Natasha Villeneuve

Natasha Villeneuve

Richmond – Ottawa West

Natasha Villeneuve, Wellness Advisor is dedicated to educating, guiding and empowering people toward optimal health and well-being. With twenty years in the health and wellness industry, Natasha has gained a positive reputation within her community as a nutritional consultant, educator, workshop host and facilitator.  She brings energy, warmth, creativity and wisdom to her offerings. As a certified NIA fitness dance instructor, which blends many movement art forms, Natasha is excited to be offering NIA classes as well as monthly Women’s Circles in Richmond, on the west side of Ottawa.

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“As women we all naturally crave and desire intimacy, acceptance and deep connection. I am excited and passionate about hosting a Women’s Wellness Circle because it fosters those qualities in a safe, welcoming environment.  Circle is a sacred time and space once a month for women to gather, connect, share, learn, inspire and uplift ourselves and each other.” 


Wanda Beauparlant

Wanda Beauparlant


Wanda Beauparlant, DSW (Developmental Service Worker), is an intuitive guide and continues her Reiki training. She celebrates Moon Phases and experiences oneness with Nature. Wanda is thrilled to join together outdoors to feel the breath of life infuse our gatherings as we build a sense community and fulfillment in Circle.

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“I attended a workshop in Toronto where I first met Jill and I knew it was meant to be. Months later after connecting with her again, I knew that hosting a WWC was meant for me.  I am always delighted to share with like-minded women. In 2018 I began opening space at my home retreat space for gatherings. I felt it was the time to share, give back and receive from each other. Reflecting on my story, I knew that when women gather, it opens a sacred space for each one of us to be heard and to listen, learn and love…heart to heart.”


Karin Moir

Bright’s Grove

Karin has a passion for creating a sense of purpose in whatever role or activity she engages in.  Her background and training in multiple areas of health studies have taken her on a path that has enriched her life, strengthened her knowledge base and given her a wonderful set of skills to share with others.

Karin understands the need for women to band together, find a tribe in which to strengthen and boost each other up. She was raised by a strong single Mom and raised two strong daughters of her own.

Building a community of supportive woman is important to Karin, so it’s with joy that she is offering a Woman’s Wellness Circle in her home town of Bright’s Grove.

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“My experience with Jill, training to be a host for the Women’s Wellness Circle, was a great experience.  I was able to connect with other like minded women who have the same goals and share the objective to bring the feminine energy together to benefit each of us individually, as a group, and our communities. There is a surge of feminine power in the world right now where women are seeking wellness opportunities, stepping forward, speaking up and taking inspired action. This is not to take away from the masculine energy but only to compliment it and find our own unique power, voice and leadership.”