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Jill Hewlett

Toronto East End

Brain Fitness Expert, Wellness Authority, Author and Speaker, Jill Hewlett, is licensed in the field of Educational Kinesiology and a Brain Gym® consultant of two decades. 

A decade and a half ago, Jill began a Women’s Wellness Circle in York Region that has grown into multiple locations that she mentors across Ontario and beyond.

Author of Common Sense, Uncommonly Practiced, and Uncommon Sense, Put Into Practise,     Jill has a passion for making life change and improvements attainable for all who want it.

By sharing user-friendly tools that can be implemented in just minutes to reduce stress and optimize performance, participants and audiences feel an immediate difference.

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“A decade and a half of hosting Women’s Wellness Circles on a monthly basis has shown me that when women gather with the goal of learning, sharing and connecting, wonderful and seemingly magical stuff happens… and we are all better for it.

Many years later, I continue to personally benefit from each gathering; and in such a fast paced world, as a single mom and entrepreneur; perhaps more so than ever before.

Women constantly tell me how their lives have been enriched, and even changed thanks to these monthly gatherings. As well, ripples of positive energy touch the lives of our loved ones and communities as we take how we’ve grown and what we’ve learned back into our lives.”


Karen Armstrong


As a Reiki Master, Biophoton Light Therapist and Enneagram coach, I have a valuable set of resources to support people on their journey to better understanding themselves.  

My clients come to me when something in their life isn’t working. Whether that is expressed through a relationship, overwhelm with the responsibilities in their life or a physical symptom that no one seems to be able to figure out – the answers reside within the individual. I offer a safe place to explore, question and heal so that a sense of well-being and empowerment can return.

I have learned that the life we are experiencing is a direct reflection of our beliefs, thoughts and the choices we make every day.

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“Circle brings together many core loves of mine; sharing in community, learning new things and hearing stories of how our presenters found their path.

I began by hosting the outdoor space for summer circle in York Region, and that was an easy transition to co-hosting, and then hosting my own Circle. 12 years have rolled along, and this amazing experience continues to feed me and the hundreds of women who have attended over the years. To see the friendships that have formed and the growth of the women who attend is truly moving.

My life is richer for the commitment I have made to Circle and for the beautiful friendships gained. Jill, I am forever grateful for the seed you planted and for the opportunity to grow and nurture that seed with you.”


Lauren Helmkay

Lauren Helmkay


Lauren Helmkay is the passionate founder of Lauren Helmkay Wellness, a practice that empowers women to cultivate vitality through mindful food choices, movement, and conscious decision-making. With certifications as a Culinary Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Creatively Fit practitioner, and Nia instructor, she expertly guides women towards building fulfilling lives.

Beyond her coaching, classes, and workshops, Lauren also runs a vibrant private Facebook group called @LivingYourVibrantLife, which provides support to over 2400 women striving to live their best lives.

Lauren is passionate about creating opportunities for women to connect and share – in a way that is authentic, caring and fun! Join Women’s Wellness Circle Georgina at our next event!

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“For me, Circle is all about being present. It’s a time to connect with your deepest truest self, with other amazing women, and with life giving universal energy. Truly giving yourself the gift of time once a month to immerse yourself in the joy of the camaraderie of other women, the sharing of knowledge and wisdom, and the opportunity to just sit with your thoughts too. Energizing and uplifting, Women’s Wellness Circles create a safe space for each of us to look within and ensure we’re in alignment with our heart’s desires!”


Amanda Perrone


Amanda Perrone is a Mentor, Healer, and Moon Mother and has been using the magic of the moon and ceremony for the last four years to create a life by design. She is incredibly passionate about creating community and helping others master the art of flowing with moon cycles and their own natural rhythm.

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“Circle has been the anchor that consistently reminds me I am part of something bigger. I feel like the Oshawa Circle has taken on a life of its own, made up of all the beautiful energy of the women who attend.

Each month it breathes life back into me and my community. It’s a consistent gift.

My guests have shared with me that it has changed their lives, they have made heart connections with the women in their communities, and they have come to also see themselves as part of something bigger. They always leave in a high vibration, clear and uplifted… feeling supported and safe.”


Debbie Armstrong


“As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist it is clear to me the body, mind and spirit are interconnected. When I met Jill, I quickly realized that the Women’s Wellness Circle was my purpose. Time spent in Circle is precious to me. We are social beings; being together is essential to our mental health and our gifted presenters enlighten us on how to best support growth and change.

I have seen such a difference in women who attend Circle; they connect with happiness and joy. My life has changed immensely having this time together in Circle with women who enter as strangers and leave as sisters. Thank you Jill, for seeing a need to provide wellness education, love and community support in the form of Circle.”

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“I feel overjoyed having the opportunity to hold space for such an amazing group of women.  It’s a beautiful time of inclusiveness for all who come, filled with education, friendships and a community of souls eager to celebrate and support our heartfelt moments together. The power in numbers is clearly felt! It’s exhilarating, and we take that feeling with us until we meet again!”


Kerry Inglis

Kerry Inglis

Grey County ON

Kerry Inglis is a self-employed PSW and Death Doula, providing exceptional and heartfelt care to clients in the Grey/Bruce area.

After being raised by her grandparents she was inspired to pursue a career as a PSW.  When her grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, she learned how important advocacy is for individuals dealing with an illness.

Kerry is incredibly passionate about assisting others in their healing journey, spreading kindness and the importance of incorporating healthy coping skills to alleviate stress. She looks forward to joining women in Circle and encouraging them to take time to prioritize themselves and their self-care.

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“I have always felt comfort and acceptance after attending a Women’s Wellness Circle, which is one of the many reasons I have chosen to host a circle in my area. Nothing feels better than being surrounded by love, positive energy and holding space for one another without judgement.

It is a beautiful time for connection, being present to our emotions, and learning new things as each month a new presenter provides us with wellness topics and experiences, to heal and grow stronger within ourselves, and our community.

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to hold space for women to fill their cup and my hope is that after leaving circle, it is overflowing with love.”


Guida Da Silva

Guida da Silva

West End Toronto

Guida da Silva is passionate about bringing community together to create personal and meaningful connections. As a public librarian with the Toronto Public Library and as a certified laughter yoga leader she enjoys seeing others learn, grow, and thrive. A curious life-long learner herself, Guida is excited and eager to begin creating community by offering Women Wellness Circles in west Toronto, for all who would like to co-create this wonderful monthly experience. Gathering in circle has been a profound healing, peaceful, and magical experience for Guida. She is honoured to be part of the growth and discover journey of all women, and she encourages you to join in.

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“Whenever I attend a women’s circle my heart and soul are filled with exactly what is needed at that time. I’ve noticed that the woman who gather, form natural and effortless connections, and feel empowered and uplifted as they return to their daily lives, With Women’s Wellness Circles, I love how each month a new presenter shares their knowledge and expertise with the group. I always learn something new that I can apply to my own life. The support I feel in circle is always warm and welcoming, and I feel like I’ve arrived ‘home’ each time.” 


Wanda Beauparlant

Wanda Beauparlant


Wanda Beauparlant, DSW (Developmental Service Worker), is an intuitive guide and continues her Reiki training. She celebrates Moon Phases and experiences oneness with Nature. Wanda is thrilled to join together outdoors to feel the breath of life infuse our gatherings as we build a sense community and fulfillment in Circle.

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“I attended a workshop in Toronto where I first met Jill and I knew it was meant to be. Months later after connecting with her again, I knew that hosting a WWC was meant for me.  I am always delighted to share with like-minded women. In 2018 I began opening space at my home retreat space for gatherings. I felt it was the time to share, give back and receive from each other. Reflecting on my story, I knew that when women gather, it opens a sacred space for each one of us to be heard and to listen, learn and love…heart to heart.”


Tricia Rudy

Tricia Rudy

London Area

Tricia Rudy is certified in Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning and operates Harmony with Horses on her farm just outside of London, Ontario.  A graduate of the School of Hard Knocks, and with a lifelong love of horses, Tricia offers hope and guidance to anyone who has strayed off their path or has a desire to live a more authentic life.  She believes wholeheartedly that we cannot do it alone.

Recently relocated, Tricia is proud to host the first London area, Women’s Wellness Circle. She invites you to join her at the farm in person, to meet in circle with other women and learn about topics relating to women’s health, wellness, and personal growth. She looks forward to introducing interesting and informative local experts to share their expertise with the women of our community.

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“I had the privilege of attending several Women’s Wellness Circles before I moved here, and realized I missed the monthly meetings, the support of like-minded women, and the interesting guest speakers.  When I discovered there were not yet any Women’s Wellness Circles in the area, I decided to step up and become a host.  With the unique ability to hold the Circle at my farm, I thought it was a perfect fit with what I am doing here at Harmony with Horses.  Please come and meet the horses, enjoy the farm setting, and be part of a community of women supporting each other and coming together to share their experiences, wisdom and strength.”