March is a magical month, celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8, 2019 and our second Women’s Wellness Circle annual event, Empower One on March 6, 2019.  I look forward to being a part of both celebrations knowing I will connect, share and learn with others as well as be a part of the cosmic energetic boost that will be created by millions of women (and men and children!) throughout this week.

When I take a step back and consider what makes the Women’s Wellness Circles so special, it’s the opportunity to come together in a sacred space to be nurtured and to grow.  Jill Hewlett’s blog The Beginning of Blossoming speaks beautifully to our innate desire to “burst forth into a new realm of growth and life experience,” even when it doesn’t feel like it or we feel so stuck that it seems impossible to do so.


Growth is fueled by many things, empowerment being one.  Empowerment has many definitions, such as the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling your life and claiming your rights. It is also a multi-dimensional journey to realize your full identity and powers in all spheres. (Gloria Steinem)

My growth is certainly multi-dimensional and because I continue to be empowered, my goals and overall life vision continue to become clearer (and bigger, yikes!).  At the end of each year, typically in November, I begin my goal setting, planning and visioning for the coming year.  For me, 2019 is all about conscious living.  Conscious living to me is a fulfilled life but also one, as Steven Aitchison defines, where I have to actively evaluate my activities, decisions and options to make deliberate choices based on my values and my truth. 

This includes taking care of myself (see Jill Erridge’s post on Why Prioritize Your Self-Care?) and welcoming growth or a different mindset (see Karen Armstrong’s post on Time for a New Story).  It also includes striving for mastery in my field, nurturing my spiritual growth, feeling balanced between Mind, Body and Spirit but also going outside of myself to take care of our planet.

This leads me back to what’s behind conscious living – empowerment and growth. 

My growth is implicit by simply practicing and taking action (no matter how small that action is) towards conscious living.  I am evaluating, making decisions and creating deliberate choices in my life.  I am able to because I am empowered to make it happen.  I am empowered to create those choices.  I am empowered to take control over the multi-dimensional, gorgeous, meaningful fabric of my life.

Every woman is on her own journey of empowerment.  No two are alike.

Empowerment comes in many forms:

  • through private and personal healing
  • by learning about self in our feminine energy and wisdom
  • by creating more choice and opportunity
  • by standing up for self and others
  • by standing up for what you believe and hold true
  • by challenging stereotypes and biases
  • by taking action
  • through personal development, capacity building and learning
  • by creating space for others to nurture and support empowerment (Empowered Women Empower Women)
  • through celebrating achievements
  • by caring about and for others and our planet.

This year’s Empower One event will take place on Wednesday, March 6th and is a fun and powerful evening of community spirit infused with movement, music and moon teachings.  You will feel connected, build your inner strength and spiritual fortification, engage in meaningful self-care and create new self-awareness.

You will know your worth, stand confidently in it and take clear action.  You will be empowered.  I wonder where it will take you?

To register for the event, visit

Casandra Bryant

Transformational Coach, Group Empowerment Leader 

PhD Student on Female Social Entrepreneurs

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