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Living in reciprocity is something that has spoken to my heart and spirit, for many years. Currently, it feels more important than ever on our planet to consider its value and application.

Let’s set the groundwork…

  • Reciprocity: mutual dependence, action, or influence.
  • Synonyms:  interchange, mutual understanding, mutuality, congruence, connectedness, interdependence, complementarity, exchange, and universality.
  • Opposite: Competition, only one side benefits.

For context, I would like to focus on living in reciprocity with our home, Momma Earth – also known as Pachamama, Gaia and Mother Nature. After all, it makes sense that to have right relationship with our home, it would behoove us to look after it.

To start with, let’s take one step back to see that our own bodies are also connected to the Earth.  Did you know that our human structures are made up of all the elements of the Earth? This means that by looking after our bodies, we will also be more tuned into the best ways to look after the Earth.

In the words of Neil deGrasse Tyson, “The atoms of our bodies are traceable to stars that manufactured them in their cores and exploded these enriched ingredients across our galaxy, billions of years ago. For this reason, we are biologically connected to every other living thing in the world. We are chemically connected to all molecules on Earth…”

All that we require to live a long and healthy life comes from Nature: our food, air, water, fire, building materials, clothing, etc.  By not appreciating or understanding this, we make choices that negatively impact nature and compromise our very existence.

Taking a quote from Deborah Brodey’s blog post on this topic, she opens by saying: “Reciprocity is an ancient teaching that is Universal to all Indigenous, original and Earth loving peoples around the world and is key to preserving life and living in alignment and right relationship with the Earth, and all our relatives.  It fosters right action born out of love, gratitude, and respect, as we naturally own our individual and collective responsibility as children of our beloved Earth.”

For many years we have been living in an unbalanced and unsustainable way and that trend has been extremely heightened over the past 50 years.  We are getting wake up calls in many forms from extreme climate shifts to the pollution of air, soil and water, and to the rising disease in animals and humans.

I feel that the past couple of years has provided so much fodder for growth and coming back to what is most important in life. This, in turn, will provide new inspiration to make the changes necessary to transform the downhill spiral and devastation into learning lessons and new choices.

In my own coaching practice, I have experienced huge shifts in the clients with whom I work, seeing them change careers, make geographical moves, re-evaluate who they spend time with, and how they treat their bodies.

I, too, have made significant shifts in many areas of my life. It all started with my body giving me messages that I had to pay attention to. Our bodies will always win; we can choose to ignore the messages for a while.  However, the persistence of our own internal wisdom to be in balance and to survive will eventually be so loud that we will not be able to ignore it anymore.

Many of us have realized how critical it is to spend more time in nature – to detach from technology, to move our bodies, and to listen and observe the rhythm of nature and take in her beauty. There is a calmness that seeps into our cells; our breath deepens and our nervous systems tune down a notch.

The other important aspect of coming into alignment with our own nature has been connecting with like-minded individuals and community. This connection fuels our whole being, allowing both a relaxation and a new level of inspiration.

When we walk a different path from the mainstream, we can sometimes feel alone, different, and unsafe.  Finding our community of like-minded people helps to know there are others on the same wave length.

Women’s Wellness Circles are a constant source of this inspiration, nurturance and connection for me and for the women who attend each month.  Whether it is once a year, a couple of times a year, or every month, Circle provides all who attend an opportunity to know and honor themselves more deeply.

Through learning about natural cycles, essential oils, plant medicine, animals, intuition, creativity, movement, and so much more, we further develop our appreciation for the wisdom of Mother Nature and simultaneously our own nature, too.

I believe this is a brilliant foundation for living with reciprocity.  In learning, sharing, exchanging, playing, relaxing, and co-creating in community, we experience the ripple effect that our presence brings into our world for all those whom we touch, be it human, animal, plant, or element.

I am forever grateful for the presence of Women’s Wellness Circles in my life. They have been a source of living in reciprocity and a reminder to be in right relations.

May we all find this source of inspiration and connection in our lives.

In Gratitude,

Karen Armstrong


WWC Host, Newmarket/EG
Reiki Master, Biophoton Light Therapist & Enneagram Coach

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