We are basking in the energy of our Empower One event:  a celebratory gathering shared by our Women’s Wellness Circle hosts and attendees across Canada, in honour of International Women’s Day.

This 4th annual gathering took place online instead of in-person due to the C-19 restrictions. This worked out in our favour, however. Since the growth of new Circle locations across the country, online made it possible for everyone to attend regardless of distance.


The theme of the event was a live, virtual vacation! With our e-boarding passes in our hands, we ‘flew’ to the Caribbean, thanks to the creativity and networking connections of Tracy Tuberfield (an Ontario-based travel agent that had to pivot her business online during the pandemic). With her bamboo sun umbrella, tropical attire and pineapple cocktail, Tracy provided dedicated organizational skills and a fun vibe that transformed our stay-at-home orders into a unique and special adventure.

Our first destination was connecting with Karolin Troubetzkoy, the owner and director at Jade Mountain in Anse Chastanet in St. Lucia. Her resort is an exquisite paradise surrounded by incredibly lush nature, the Caribbean Sea, and a special view of the famous Pitons, which are volcanic plugs and spires that many tourists will hike. Plus, there was the bonus of a visit to the onsite ‘Chocolate Lab‘ where we learned about the harvesting of cocoa beans and watched chocolate delights being concocted right before our eyes.

Everyone was empowered by Karolin’s personal story of taking a leadership role in the Tourism and Hospitality industry – a position not held by many women in the past. Staying true to her course, she has acquired an extensive biography and is well-known locally and internationally. This was a reminder that we can do anything we put our minds to with perseverance and tenacity.


Next our trip flew us to South America where we had an up close and personal conversation with Life Coach, Marisa Ferrera, from her home office which is situated right next to a beautiful and breathtaking view of the Andes Mountains.

Marisa inspired us with her personal story. As a result, we were enlightened on the importance of healthy boundaries and how to magnify our magnificence to create a life of our dreams.

Having grown up in an abusive environment where she feared her father daily, she lost her ‘voice’ and self-esteem. Over time, Marisa realized it is about the choices we make and how important it is to be aware of our inner guidance. She decided at eighteen years old to step outside her comfort zone and face her fears. Learning to listen carefully to her heart and inner voice, she went on her way, breaking free from the abusive home environment and discovering that she had unlimited possibilities. Sharing some of the ups and downs of her journey, we were inspired by how she gradually manifested a life in alignment with her highest good and a healthy and supportive relationship. Marisa eventually left Canada to explore warmer parts of the world and ultimately re-located full-time to South America with her partner.


Next, we did a short excursion over to the island of Hawaii, thanks to an inspired pre-recorded video provided by Naomi Irons, who has a beautiful retreat and healing center located there. Her life journey took a dramatic turn several years prior, when she and her family followed their inner knowing and sold their bucolic acreage in Nova Scotia. They relocated to the island paradise of Hawaii, where her two beautiful children are life-schooled in deeply intuitive ways on the beaches and in the waves.


Finally, we completed the international adventure by landing back on Canadian soil in nature-filled Nanaimo, British Columbia. Saskia, who is originally from Holland and moved to Canada in her adult years, is also an inspiration to all who want the encouragement and role modelling of following their heart and dreams. She shared West Coast pictures and insights into her plans for the venue where she will soon launch a Women’s Wellness Circle in her community.


There were common themes and messages conveyed during this special event, such as:

  • Trust your intuition and inner guidance – They have so much wisdom to offer you.
  • Triggers are our teachers – Don’t ignore discomfort, tune in and learn from it.
  • Wounds creep up to the surface to be healed – Anything unresolved will linger until it’s addressed and look for ways to be healed.
  • Never say Never – You may be very surprised by what is possible when you listen to your heart and go for what you really want.

Based on the tremendously positive feedback from our participants, guest speakers, and WWC hosts, and the fact that after two and half hours of this amazing event many people continued to linger on Zoom to chat and share their enthusiasm and gratitude, we can all agree that Empower One was a huge success.


To Empowering All,

Debbie Armstrong

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