The Seasons have shifted as they always do, and I’m so grateful to have the pleasure of writing and connecting with all of you once again.

Our planet recently celebrated the Solstice. Those in the Southern Hemisphere welcomed the beginning of winter. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we welcomed in summer.

In my work, I enjoy teaching about honouring and celebrating the Seasons and other important and sacred earthly events such as the Solstice, Equinox, Eclipses, and Moon Phases.

With the right knowledge and tools, we can dedicate our heartfelt focus and spiritual energy on the opportunity and energy each special transition brings.

Here’s a brief explanation of just a few of our most recent universal events and how they may impact, elevate or challenge you…

Solstice: The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. It literally means “sun standing still”. The light of this day has a huge impact on us and signals the start of summer. Just like a flower, the Sun and the Season open us up to receive and to give, such as bringing our ideas to life or receiving a bountiful harvest and sharing it with the world.

Eclipses: Eclipses run in families, and each one is connected to the next. Every 18 years a particular “family” returns, and we are offered the opportunity to “eclipse” patterns and habits out of our lives. This can be challenging as the past may resurface for clearing. However, if we are aware, we can actively work with the energy and evolve.

Moon Phases: The Moon Phases offer us a guide in the sky. Each phase brings its own unique energy to move creation forward. The Moon is there to remind us that everything is a phase, and both growth and release is essential to creation. It raises or lowers the waters in our bodies and on our earth, keeping us in balance and flow.

What I appreciate most about these universal events is that they are constant, predictable and always come Full Circle.

They also give us the opportunity to connect us to our greater humanity. By acknowledging and knowing them, we are reminded we are all one. Each cycle can be seen, felt, and celebrated individually, in our local communities, and globally – simultaneously.

While the world is full of unpredictable circumstances and ambiguity that can be difficult to navigate, there is so much comfort to the rhythm, repetition and awareness in these consistent celestial patterns and cycles. It is especially comforting to know we are moving through it together.

In a similar way, as a Globe we are still moving through this pandemic together. We have our individual experience and our collectively shared experience.

I heard a quote recently that really resonated, “We are all in the same storm, but we have different boats.” – Author Unknown

I believe we are all energy, and we come from the same source. Yet, while we all come from that same source, we incarnated into separate containers, vessels or “boats”.

Depending on the conditions, environment and our unique attributes, we have vastly different experiences. This is not to be ignored but rather used to inform and guide us.

As we come out of quarantine and move forward, we all do so on our own and collectively. I invite us to take the lead from Nature and remember these simple and profound principles:

  • We are meant to Transition Together and Individually: How everyone’s “container” looks will be different for each person. A larger scale example is summer in the Northern Hemisphere is winter in the Southern.
  • Even if you can’t see the next phase yet, Transition is Inevitable: Although it can’t yet be felt, seen or heard, we know Autumn will eventually follow Summer. The moment the Moon turns Full it is already Waning or shrinking. Life is full of constant, inevitable transitions, with one leading to the next.
  • Full Circle is Inevitable: There is comfort in the Circle of Life. There is no end and no beginning; there is only flow. In moments of Fullness we can celebrate and prepare. In moments of Waning we can accept the phase knowing once we do it is already changing.

These guiding principles have created a great faith in the intelligence of the planet and have served me well in my life, especially during these recent times of uncertainty.

Knowing there is a higher order working on our behalf gives my soul comfort and a sense safety that I require to follow the natural and intelligent divine order.

Wishing you all a Sweet Summer Season,

Amanda Perrone

Moon Mother

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