Is there something in your life that needs to change, improve, be re-framed or perhaps released?

There’s a good chance there is and during this pandemic, it’s become harder and harder to ignore.

Can you relate?

While humanity as a whole is dealing with the common issue of COVID-19, on an individual level we are all being asked to step up and face personal and professional issues that need to be addressed.

How do we know this?

Well, it’s “written in the stars”. As well, you can probably feel it.

In this month’s online Women’s Wellness Circle hosted by our Toronto East End location, my dear friend and internationally recognized astrologer, Crystal Eves, was our inspired presenter.

She talked to us about the intense planetary alignment that is occurring and how it’s impacting us globally and individually.


What the heck does that mean?

Collectively we are in a very powerful time that will last until the end of the year. Yes, this is a marathon, not a sprint; so don’t hold your breath.

While COVID-19 is impacting us on a global and planetary level, it is also affecting us individually – in unique, important, and powerful ways.

We are all being called to notice, to take stock of, and to change the part(s) of our lives that no longer serve us.

Will it be hard to figure out what this issue is?  Nope, it’s obvious, and it’s probably been around for a while.

In Crystal’s words, “the pandemic planetary alignment is not only like spotting a grizzly, it’s like finding one in your kitchen. Or your bed. Or your work cubicle. Each situation, of course, having its own ramifications.”

The trick is to not ignore this awareness that is being highlighted, or to fool yourself into believing that it will go away on its own. Because it won’t; it will only grow stronger.

While this may feel daunting, it has ‘opportunity’ written all over it!

Our lives, in many ways, have been flipped 180 degrees. There is no normal.  We must find new methods, habits and patterns anyway. Therefore, why not leverage this and make strategic and worthwhile changes that are in your best interest?

According to Crystal, “your grizzly might be your financial management, now revealing itself as unable to absorb disruptions. It might be your relationship, whose dysfunctional dynamics have become undeniable after weeks of quarantine. Your grizzly might be your health and any regrets you have about not making lifestyle changes that would have reduced your vulnerability to the virus.”

As well, Crystal adds that, “Your grizzly isn’t necessarily bad, or even a problem— it’s just the thing that has become urgent or obvious. This could mean that the circumstances of the pandemic have caused you to remember that you love performing music and that you weren’t honouring this before. Maybe you’re seeing, that despite what you have told yourself for years, the reason you don’t write that novel is not a lack of time, but instead a lack of confidence. Maybe after months in lockdown, you are rethinking the life choices that have kept you from spending precious time with loved ones.”

Well, I can tell you that everyone who attended that online Circle became very clear and excited to tackle their own Grizzly!  And the best part, we know that we aren’t doing this alone. Everyone has their own challenge to confront and opportunities to seize. Sharing in this conversation, in the space of Circle, made it that much more welcoming, safe and supported.

If you’d like a personal reading to find out more specific details on the planetary dance that is happening in your chart, you can contact Crystal directly at:

In the meantime, I offer you many blessings as you take the courage and steps to greet that bear that is staring right at you, calling your name, and asking you to give it the attention and care it deserves.


With love,

Jill Hewlett

Founder & Mentor
Women’s Wellness Circles

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