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Over the years I have heard from many women in my life that real connections are hard to find, be it with friends, family, a life partner, our career, purpose, or ourselves.

In our linearly driven world, in which people are doing their best to move from point A to point B, we are subtly encouraged to put our head down, power through our daily life tasks and hope to arrive at the finish line. Whether that be the end of the day, the end of a task, or the end of a project, “done” is often the goal and, of course, the faster the better!

This powering through may get it “done”.  However, it can leave us feeling unsatisfied, unnourished, and saddened to realize that we are more disconnected to ourselves, our families, and the world around us than ever before.

For years, this ‘linear-finish-line’ driven reality was my experience, too.  It led me to wonder – if I am disconnected from myself and my family, then what am I connected to? Surely, I must be connected to something… It was an important and unsettling question to ask.

Eventually, I had the awareness and readiness to take inventory, and here is what I found: Consistent Connection isn’t hard to find. As it turned out, I was consistently connected to many things.  But I needed to ask myself, “Is what I am connected to serving me anymore?”

Outdated connections are no longer fulfilling, and they are why we so often feel ‘disconnected’ in our lives.

For me that looked like issues such as:

  • Ingesting distractions like unhealthy food and marijuana
  • Getting caught in drama and other people’s stories
  • Overly focusing on the needs of others (my boss, my family, etc.)
  • Not honoring my boundaries and trying to people please
  • Repeating stuck emotions like guilt and shame

As humans we are wired for Connection. We are so intelligent, and our survival is so dependent on it, that our minds will lead us to take actions based on the fastest route to find connections. Yet, that does not guarantee a healthy and meaningful rapport with others, and it can often lead us to co-dependency.

As well, when we are tired, lonely, and running out of steam because we’ve been operating at our maximum capacity for too long, is it any wonder that we consume whatever is placed in front of us, hoping that it might give us some temporary relief, some form of sustenance? Of course not! It’s how many of us have survived.

However, if you are reading this, I’d venture to say that you are starting to become aware of your old patterns and that you are realizing they aren’t serving you anymore. This is great news! This is when you can start to make an empowering shift and to prioritize connections that make you thrive.

This is the path many of us are on now, and we are in good company. It’s time to release the old and to align to meaningful thoughts, actions, and connections that support our wellbeing.

For the past six years now, I have had the honor of being a Women’s Wellness Circle host. As I often say, Circle is the gift that keeps on giving as it is a space where true connections are felt.  Its positive effects carry forward with us and ripple out into our everyday lives.

Month after month of hosting and attending Circle, I saw that whether I was connecting with others, connecting with a piece of music, connecting to the knowledge being presented, or connecting with a type of dance being modeled and offered… all of it was offering a connection back to me.

It was then that I realized that I am never truly alone! Life is my reflection and my place of true Connection. All other avenues ultimately bring back to a connection with myself which, without realizing it, was what I was truly looking for anyway!

Perhaps that is what you seek, too? If so, my sisters, you can count on the fact that Women’s Circles are based on an ancient tradition of being and connecting with others in community.

There is a reason Women’s Circles continue over the course of time. We sit in a circle where there is no end and there is no beginning… where I can see my reflection in you, and you can see your reflection in me. We show up as we are, and we are met with acceptance and love. It provides a genuine space of co-created connection.

Each circle offers something different, yet consistent. We begin and end in the same way, and in between we learn something new and are invited to explore. A different group may be there each time, but we have a consistent thread that weaves us all together.

Consistent Connection is the essence of Circle.

We are right here waiting for you.

Amanda Perrone


Moon Mother and Oshawa Women’s Wellness Circle Host

Offering Moon Teachings and Ceremonies, Circles, and Drum Journeys


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