Grandmother and grandson

When I think of the word “Grandmother”, I lapse into a dreamy, nostalgic state when life was simpler.

As a young girl, it didn’t seem to matter what was going on in the world, my grandmother’s face, voice, and soothing presence would calm me. She was a strong and silent woman who imbued a certainty that everything was in order, and her essence is etched in my memory.

During my childhood, my grandmother lived with us for support as my mother battled breast cancer. I loved this beautiful matriarch so very much. Most evenings I made my way to her room and fell asleep snuggled up beside her. Then during the days, I’d often be found outdoors in nature, where I did not have to witness my mom fighting for her life and my father barely holding on.

Being in nature felt really good. I often spent time at an old, abandoned barn near my home. I would sit on big, crumbled rocks that were warmed by the sun. It was a beautiful and comforting place of connection where I felt safe to process my thoughts and concerns.  The voice in my head told me to just breathe and that everything would be okay.

As time and life went on, I didn’t always remember to trust and listen to the calm, quiet voice in my head. Entering adulthood, life got busier and filled with distractions. I stopped listening to the gift of knowing and the connection that I had accessed in my childhood that we carry with us every day of our lives.

Thankfully, as life comes full Circle and becoming a grandmother, I intentionally surround myself with women of like-mind who remind me how to re-connect with that beautiful inner place of knowing and calm – that warm rock and comfort from my childhood.

At this stage of life, I have experienced so much living and have become more rooted and grounded in the essence of life. Now it is my turn to offer to the next generation the calm, strength and knowing that my grandmother did for me

Life cycles are in constant flow. We can experience the grace of transformation as we come full Circle. I am so grateful that I am being given the gift of time to be with my grandson every day, just like my grandmother was there for me.

His heart so pure and sweet. I often catch him staring at me.  As the eyes are windows to the soul, I believe we have a shared mission and lessons we are here to teach each other.

My love for him runs deep, as it did for me with my own grandmother. She is still a constant foothold in my life, even though she left this world over 50 years ago. I believe that the beautiful moments of loving connectedness that I share with my grandson will be remembered as he ages, just as mine are with my grandmother.

To prepare for this role as grandmother and experience this ‘Grand Love’, I went into a quiet space in my heart to feel what this child would need from me, so I could be the best version of grandmother for him

The answer was to be rooted in love and to provide a space of compassion, joy, forgiveness, wonder, and awe. Ultimately, however, my purpose is to help soften some of the rough edges of life and open his beautiful eyes to the magnificence of this world.

There are so many awe-inspiring gifts that await him every day. I hope my grandson steps into the world each day with eyes, mind, and heart wide open.

As children we are so connected with nature and intuition; and as grandmothers we have the opportunity to remind them of that knowing and truth. With age, we realize we can access our inner guidance which has carried us through challenges and turmoil, and we can lean into that deeper knowing. I want to share the gift of remembrance that we have everything we need when we sit in silence and really listen.

My grandson was born during the time of Covid, when distancing between people even family was common, masks were worn, and consoling with friendly smiles were often hidden.

This is an opportunity to teach my grandson that the world isn’t always as it seems. We are not alone and divided. We are truly connected, and there are so many amazing people who love unconditionally.

As a grandmother, who once was a young girl who found so much comfort in nature and wisdom in silence, I want to remind him to listen closely to his heart, the birds, the wind, the sun, the moon.  I want him to run barefoot in the grass, to hug a tree, and to sit on rocks warmed by the sun. I want him to trust his intuition, to treat people as he would like to be treated, and to lose himself in what makes him come alive.

Most of all, I want to thank him for his love and patience and for giving me this opportunity to be his grandmother.

Debbie Armstrong

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  1. Daphne
    Daphne says:

    This was absolutely lovely. Thank you
    Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to have a loving grandmother but I often dream of one
    I have four lovely grandchildren who I want for them to know that I see them I really see them and acknowledge them


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