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“Follow Your Happiness!
It is calling to you!
.  .  .  leading you
to the place
where you will find
your greatest

-The Way of Love, by Joan Walsh Anglund


Every morning when it’s still dark outside and my day is just beginning, I sit with this powerful little book of poems, accompanied only by my thoughts and my favorite mug of delicious, hot fresh coffee. I am inspired for the day to come as each poem is perfect and gives me cause to pause, smile, re-read and think about life.

Reflecting back on 2005, at age 45, I was ready for change; and I made the big decision to re-locate from The Netherlands to a small town in Northern Ontario.

I was leaving all that was familiar:  family, friends, indeed life as I knew it.  I was packing a roller-coaster of memories to bring to the new world — memories full of courage and laughter, discovery and love, and hidden in the cracks were sadness and anger to round it out.  It was a veritable suitcase of ‘heartship’.

Finding happiness had been elusive up to that point, and I was on a quest to find it.

For many years I searched, but I wasn’t sure what real happiness looked like or how to create it. Despite some happy moments over the years, I could never seem to reach the blissful stage of full-on happiness.

Then, in 2010 I hit a wall. BAM! It took more courage and a newfound sense of discovery to leave my failing marriage, rise above my sorrows, and claim a life of “heartship” for happiness.

Then in 2012 I moved to Toronto. Things went well for a while.  I developed some great new friendships and established a kind community of women. However, after three years of trying to make it work, I still hadn’t found the sweet happiness most of us yearn for.

Depressed and detached from my creative abilities, my heart, and my deepest feelings, I was beginning to know and understand that I was the only one who could make the much-needed change and next step for myself.  So, in quiet moments, I would sit and reflect and reconsider my life yet again.

What makes me happy?

What is calling me?

And leading me to the place where I find greater good?

Out of the blue, in June 2018, a close friend answered my prayer. She invited me to visit her on Vancouver Island and stay for six months. Was it possible I was being given another chance at happiness?  Could I once again figure out a possible new life, one full of new happiness? Instantly my heart said YES!

Leading up to this next part of my life-changing journey, another friend of mine became a Channeler and began transmitting guidance and messages. She said I was being openly and divinely supported from The Universe with a future filled with transformational years ahead and with finding my happiness and peace.

I told myself: “Okay Saskia, as you are courageous and bold enough to trust what The Universe hands you, you might as well go for it”.

Life is interesting… if you dare to listen, choose, and act.

By the end of August, most of my belongings had wonderful new homes, and I started my drive from East to West on September 5, 2018 – taking only my most precious items that fit in my car and my dear friend, the channeler, in the passenger seat.

Thus began our trip of a lifetime.  Magic unfolded every day, and we found our happiness hidden in the energy of our shared courage, discovery, and “heartship”.

With much gratitude and a dose of happiness, I landed on Vancouver Island and the initial six months flew by… again in roller-coaster mode.

Inspired and ignited, I became a British Columbian shortly after.  I have manifested a wonderful living space surrounded by nature. I could see my happiness coming and feel my happiness starting to vibrate. I was choosing and creating more happiness as the weeks and months went by.

I dare say, it has led me to the greatest good so far.  In addition, I know there is more to come as I grow further in my happy place.

Following happiness is inspiring and life transforming.

Choosing happiness takes us on new journeys and discoveries.

Connecting with happiness allows us to meet wonderful like-minded people and communities.

Embracing Happiness is a CHOICE.

A choice that each one of us must make for ourselves, at any given moment. Connecting with like-minded and caring people is natural for most women and having a circle of women close by to support growth and inspiration, where happiness is encouraged, is a wonderful gift to have.

To further my happiness journey, I am looking forward to launching my Chapter of the Women’s Wellness Circles in Nanaimo, live and in-person, at an inspirational and spiritual location. A great recipe for HAPPINESS! Is it calling you, too?

Circles of Happiness,

Saskia de Quaasteniet


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