I’m an amazing cook.  Unless it’s rice.  I can mess up rice even in a rice cooker.  But that’s another story.  Even as I say that I’m an amazing cook, I start to doubt – am I actually? What makes me think that?  I’ve really had some colossal flops – minced turkey loaf with gelatin on top.  I was “entertaining”.  My meal certainly was “entertaining”, LOL!  We ordered pizza that night.  🙁

So, who am I to say I’m an amazing cook?  Well, honestly, for me, it comes down to “Joy”!  I simply love handling and preparing fresh, yummy food.  I love the colours.  I love the textures.  The bumpy yellow and green squashes and the smooth dark purple eggplant skins.  I love the aromas.  The simmering pot of chili as you walk in the door.  The scent of garlic you can’t get off your fingertips. I love the complexity of flavours melding together in perfect harmony on your tongue!  The subtle or striking influence of spices!  When I cook, time disappears.

But I confess.  I’m a cook who, almost every time, pulls out a recipe.  I know of others (‘am in awe of them, in fact) who whip up things from scratch.  Who can pull off an amazing beef bourguignon without batting an eyelash – or cracking a cookbook.   That’s not me.

Accordingly, this morning, I was set to make a beef stew.  It’s raining, fall is approaching, and it seemed like just the right time.  I grabbed my laptop and Googled “beef stew recipe”.  My mind darted to that person who flawlessly would do it without the recipe.  I’ve made beef stew like, I don’t know, fifty times?  So why, I thought to myself, do I need a recipe for this?  I know what goes in!

I sat with that thought — and I realized why.  I go poking for a recipe — every time.  Because I like to be INSPIRED.  I like to read a recipe and think “Oh, hey, I hadn’t thought of THAT!”  I like to see the picture.  It connects me to the dish I’m about to make.  As well, I like when someone throws in a new trick, or a new ingredient, or a new way of cooking something!

Then all of those thoughts made me think of the Women’s Wellness Circle which we’re launching in Georgina next week.  And how it comes, pardon the pun, full circle.

When Jill reached out to offer me an opportunity to host Circle, I leapt at the chance!  The Women’s Wellness Circles attract me, because they are a great opportunity to be inspired.  To learn new ways.  To consider something you haven’t considered previously.   And to connect and share with amazing women, both the facilitators, the presenters, and the Circle of women themselves. Women’s Wellness Circle has, simply, all the ingredients!

It’s like trying a new recipe for health and happiness every month.

How appetizing does THAT sound?

I hope you’ll come out to attend a Circle near you to get a taste (yes, pun intended again!).

I think you’ll find it magically delicious!

By the way, so was my stew!


Lauren Helmkay

WWC Host Sutton/Keswick


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