The Circle of Life is precious:

Full of transitions, movement, and character development as our roles vary and change with the ebb and flow of circumstances, needs, and family growth.

I’m experiencing this right now as I am blessed to have become a first-time grandmother: “aka, Gramma”.

My grandson is 7 weeks old. Leading up to his entry into the world, I had been imagining what my new role would look like.

When I think back at the special part my own grandmother played in my life, I now realize she was the Matriarch in our home. She was always full of loving support:  gentle, yet strong.

I realize now her impact on me and that I carry her virtues and spirit within me. I can lean into this wisdom, as I take on the role of grandmother to my first grandchild.

From the moment I laid eyes on him, I was in awe as I witnessed the beauty and perfection of life in this sweet child.

My heart swells, my eyes fill with tears as I look into his beautiful eyes, full of wonder and innocence yet — soulful intelligence. He has much to teach us!

I also watch silently, in awe and pride, as my own daughter comes to the realization that she has all of the knowledge she needs built into her own psyche to blossom in her new role as mother to her newborn child.

As well, the relationship between my daughter and me has deepened even more as we grow together and combine old and new experiences and ideals to give this child the most solid foundation that we can offer as a family unit.

The beauty of the Circle of Life is indeed blooming as I witness my own daughter take on her role as mother.

My daughter recently asked me how I felt being called Gramma?

I answered her declaring, “I was meant for this role!” It is a gift and honour to do my best to give everything I have to offer and to be a role model in his life. I will tell him of all the positive changes I have witnessed in the world; I will share the best advice anyone has ever given me; and I will speak my brightest hopes for the future.

I have been blessed by many incredible examples of outstanding women in my life, who have inspired me in so many ways through different transitions like becoming a first-time Gramma.

Grandmothers of today are full of vitality and energy, with a deep sense of knowledge to enlighten our future generations!

This child has been born into our family for a reason. The immediate connection is obvious. We will learn many things from each other. I will love, guide, and support my daughter, as a new mother, and my grandson in his life, as best I can.

Becoming a Gramma has gifted me a new purpose, full of self-fulfillment, and opportunity for personal growth. I’ll do what I can to keep a sense of childlike wonder, to look at life through fresh eyes, and to be willing to explore and witness all the precious ‘firsts’ in my grandchild’s life.

Most of all, I am reminded of all the beauty and unconditional love that is around us and is always in great supply for the taking — when we take off our blinders and shift into the present moment.

This is echoed as people stop us in the street to catch just a glimpse of the miracle of a newborn child. It soothes the soul and connects us to our humanity.

Another important delight:  being a Gramma, has given me the gift of enjoying the circle of women of all ages, coming forward to congratulate, support, smile and share knowledge they have received during their lifetime.

I was even celebrated my new role with a “Gramma Tea”, organized by many women whom I greatly respect. This was like a small Women’s Wellness Circle.

In a world where chaos can easily find us, there is a “calm and peace” when a grandmother finds another aspect of herself and her purpose as she holds her grandchild. I am starting to realize that becoming a Gramma may be one of my most important roles.

We live in a generation where we understand that the health and support of our children and our children’s children, provides an incredible foundation for them.

I promise to be part of building that foundation:  to hold his hand, to smile and to laugh at the silly things, to hug him as much as I can, to give advice when asked, and to help him to cultivate his imagination and presence in the world.

The gift of life is such a miracle, and we so graciously witness it over and over again through the birth of our future generations.

Indeed, the Circle of Life is precious.


With love and gratitude,

Debbie Armstrong  (aka Gramma)


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