I can’t express the joy I feel with my unfolding adventures with the Women’s Wellness Circle!

This role as host is something that is divinely aligned with my soul. In the last year and a half I have learned so much about myself.

When I began hosting Circle, although I knew I wanted to do it, I was still a bit hesitant to step ‘fully in’ because I didn’t know what that would look like or how to do it.

Turns out, this is a continual learning that has no end.

This way of thinking has brought me full circle with the understanding that there will always be more lessons to learn, more education to acquire, more excitement to be had, and so many more friendships to make.

Just as life is an ongoing journey, so is my Circle experience.

When I think of all the amazing women I have had the opportunity to meet and share time with so far, it has truly been a gift. My world has become richer with the countless blessings shared with others who are of like-mind and want to gather in community to learn and grow as well.

You are accountable for your own personal wellness and Circle encourages this.

What a wonderful opportunity to discover new and supportive approaches to being healthy, to being your best. Our presenters specialize in such a vast spectrum of expertise; there are many options to improve your mind, body and spirit.

Of course we have homework to do and thankfully there are many gifted women ready to share a panorama of information and perspectives that we can integrate into our decision making and daily life to attain our wellness goals.

As you broaden your view, you can make better choices that best suit you…this is genuine empowerment!

Along with gaining valuable information and education, we enjoy the story-telling, and we are touched by real life examples of healing and change.

Whether we’ve uncovered another question, made a decision, reached a conclusion or been filled with inspiration, it always serves us for the better, in one way or another.

Most of all, we gather together to experience a sense of belonging, community spirit and social interaction.

The connections made during time spent in Circle are special because you have the opportunity to develop more personal relationships thanks to the warm and inclusive atmosphere.

In this space of open hearts and open minds, I have seen some incredible changes in many of my Circle mates. They have become less reserved and are learning to ask more questions and speak their truth, without judgment.

I too, have changed…my life has become richer thanks to Circle. I see every day as being filled with great possibilities.

It’s has also taught me that you never know who will enter your world. Whether it was the day I met Jill and she shared the concept of Circle with me, or the many ladies that are drawn to gather each month, or someone you click with and you feel you have known them forever, or the presenters who provide timely information or life changing ah-ha moments.

When you glance across the faces present in Circle and see the smiles and gleams in their eyes, there is a sweeping feeling of AWE that rises up.

This is the energy that unifies us together without question or condition.

Here we find that in the busy and sometimes chaotic or stressful periods of life, the Universe is once again is in sync as we embrace a small glimpse of our own world fitting within the larger world picture.

Since our lives will always continue to move and shift, it is us who needs to adjust and remodel what we know to be true. But we don’t need to do it alone. Great minds and spirits of women from all directions come together and those bonds become real, and we take that knowing into every area of our lives.

I am filled with gratitude that I chose to be part of Women’s Wellness Circles and to provide such a special and important space in our ever changing world.


Come, join us in Circle!

Debbie Armstrong


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