Winter woman walking, deep within her soul

Winter woman talking, to the dark and the snow

Winter woman waiting for the wisdom to arrive

Winter woman learning, it was always inside

Winter woman resting while to this truth she adjusts

Winter woman remembering, in her she can always trust.

The seasons are about to shift once again as they always do, giving us beautiful comfort in a higher order that holds us all. In a world with so many variables, and no matter how you feel about snow ;), we can always count on the seasons to lead us back home to our natural rhythms.

As we sit on the precipice of Winter, the ground is beginning to harden to protect what lies underneath from the elements, the animals have built up their supplies and are getting ready to hibernate, and we are starting to slow our pace as the light fades.

While a season like Summer is widely received, Winter can often be resisted or even a dreaded time for many. While I can’t and wouldn’t want to miraculously make Winter disappear, perhaps I can offer you a miracle in another way, through a perspective shift.

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The hard soil and four months of snow make the inhabitants of the northern temperate zone wiser and more able than those who only enjoy the fixed smile of the tropics.”

Here in Canada we are blessed to experience a Winter that touches all our senses. The feel of snow and cold, the view of the darkness mixed with bright white, the smell of fire and crispness in the air, and the sound of ice singing as it cracks and repairs!

Imagine for a moment you never knew that existed— that you weren’t in on this silent snowy secret that you can only know by experiencing it.  Would you feel the loss of the season and the gifts it brings?

The seasons of our lives are unavoidable, as are the seasons of the Earth. For each of us, there is an opportunity to learn and grow from all of these meaningful seasons.

Believe it or not, by experiencing Winter each year, you are learning lessons intuitively that are serving you deeply on your journey.

Our perspective is everything. So if you can shift your perspective to one of gratitude before the season arrives, then gratitude is what you will feel!

Here are lessons to consider so we can be grateful for Winter and what it teaches us:

  • You can’t bypass the dark:
    Oh, we try, desperately sometimes, to avoid this place. However, eventually we must go in, and when we do the rewards are great. Winter shows us just how beautiful this place can be! Embrace the absence of light in the season and watch how this translates into your life.
  • We are Intuitive, every single one of us:
    Watching the earth and her inhabitants prepare really gifts us with a knowing of just how intuitively smart we are. Your body calls you to sleep more, you may put on a little extra weight to keep you warm, and you reserve your energy for the things you really want to do! Don’t resist your intuition here, and watch how you learn to trust it everywhere!
  • After Winter always comes Spring
    By stepping fully into Winter you have already begun to move towards Spring! Step into the seasons of your life just as powerfully, and watch how           you navigate the more challenging time, knowing that leads you back to the flow.

Now I invite you all to look at Winter from your perspective. Find your own lessons, embrace them in gratitude, and watch how this beautiful season unfolds for you!


Amanda Perrone
Moon Mother

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