Good Gorgeous April, Sisters and Friends!

The seasons have shifted, and spring is now upon us in the Northern hemisphere.

This means new revitalized energy is returning. The ground is softening in preparation for planting, the animals are coming out of hibernation, and we begin to feel a “spring” in our step as the warmth and light returns.

A season like this makes it easy to feel the undeniable impact our environment has on us – from our clothing choices, to the fresh food that is more readily available at the local Farmer’s Markets, to the activities we engage in; thanks to the longer daylight hours and rising temperatures.

Do you find that your own personal cravings, inclinations, needs and desires seem to shift with the seasons?  This is not by coincidence.

Our external environment has a profound impact on our internal environment and in many ways, is a reflection of it as well.

Just as Mother Nature and her natural elements shift, so does the nature inside of us. There is a very deliberate and sacred cycle that we share with our planet; the seasons and the Moon cycles too.

Knowing this information and how to relate to it, and even leverage it, has the power to completely change how we function in this world and the results we get.

Both the moon and the women of the earth, experience annual and monthly cycles. These are referred to as Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.In ‘Moon Speak’, New, Full, Waning, and Dark time.

These built-in rhythms, phases and cycles are here to work with us, and guide us. They lead us to what we need at any given time by communicating to us through our feelings and our senses. Our job is to listen carefully and respond accordingly.

Here are some ways this can show up in your life:

  • Have you ever noticed your reaction/response to something one day can be completely different than to the same experience just a few days later?
  • Have you ever felt more powerful at certain times of the month and exhausted at others?
  • Have you noticed your drive and desire to complete projects amplifies at certain times. Whereas other times you can’t find the energy to get off the couch for weeks on end?
  • Have you ever felt like a completely different woman at certain times of your month and year?

Yes? GOOD! Because you are constantly changing and shifting, so this is normal!

Unfortunately, many of us have misunderstood this relationship and natural tendency to shift in mood, energy, desires and decisions.

Instead, we have long used these experiences to feed into negative beliefs such as; we are lazy, erratic, moody, indecisive or procrastinating… etc.

But sisters this is simply not true!

As we cycle through different phases our needs change gradually and, at times, drastically. This is not something to fear or override. Rather, it is something to embrace.

By recognizing the cyclical nature of who you are, you can come to understand it and then utilize it. Work with your nature, not against it. Let it show you just how whole you really are.

Currently if you live in the Northern hemisphere Spring has sprung, there is a New Moon coming and this monthly creation cycle begins again.

On a bigger scale, if we have rested over the winter and listened to the call of hibernation, we will likely feel fresh, energized and hopeful at this time.

If our life, demands, and limitations didn’t allow for that rest and time for internal reflect we may be entering this time feeling unsure and tired.

And it’s perfectly OK either way! We can always course correct, but only if we recognize where we are at.

What can you do to better prepare yourself for this new season – whether you feel ready for it or not?

Here are Four Tips to Prepare Yourself for Spring:

  • Acknowledge the Season – Bringing a conscious recognition to the transformation that is happening in the environment both outside and inside of you, allows you to move forward with empowered awareness. You can do this through activities such as equinox or solstice ceremonies, outdoor gatherings, or simply just by closing our eyes and taking moments to breathe in the fresh air and connect to the gifts spring brings!
  • Eat for the Season – The vibration of food has a major impact on us. This time of year you may start to crave lighter, raw, fresh and colder foods. These cravings are a way for the body to adjust our system so our weight and temperature can align to the change in climate.
  • Dress for the Season – Do you notice you are eyeing your cute spring coat, flowing dresses, thin leggings, and sandals? You may start to crave more freedom;your body may long to move and stretch. Wear clothing that allows for this.
  • Listen to your body – It is always talking to you. Cravings, symptoms, and sensations are messages. We can listen and let them guide and inform our choices.

I hope you found these tips inspiring and encouraging as we prepare to face the new season ahead.  Wishing you an energizing spring!

Amanda Perrone

Moon Mother

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