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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

This quote by Anais Nin has been a source of profound inspiration to me over the years, especially in the early days of embarking on my wellness journey.

Have you ever felt a strong urge to burst forth into a new realm of growth and life experience, yet uncertain of what that would look like or where it will take you?

This has happened to me on countless occasions and I’ve come to realize that while it can feel big and daunting at the time; it’s a natural part of growth and in hindsight we typically realize it was simpler than we thought.

When we feel clear and confident, we can take action easily, without much thought or hesitation. Tangible and satisfying growth comes naturally and we are rewarded with progress and a sense of accomplishment.

But realistically, how often does this happen? It’s certainly not the norm!

One Simple Action Can Open The Bud

Life, in order to give us ample opportunity to grow, learn and strengthen physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, is full of unknowns, resistance, plateaus, curveballs and unexpected challenges at various phases and stages.

So feeling unclear, confused, stagnant and perhaps even afraid at times is part of the life experience and what makes us human.

During these times we may be unsure what to do to change or improve the situation and this can be frustrating and disheartening, and can go on for days, weeks and even years…

Until one day, without a clear plan or certainty, in the face of the unknown, we risk grasping onto the familiar – for the possibility of something better; essentially, we leave the bud, so we can blossom.

How is this done? Not by having it all figured out!

In fact, it can be as easy as making one clear decision and taking one simple action; we begin to release ourselves from the bud. This is the beginning of blossoming.

In my experience the female brain, does not typically work in a linear fashion, with all the details succinctly mapped out anyway. Thanks to our impressive capacity to sense and feel, and our openness to incorporate other peoples input, we tend to follow a more organic course of growth and pay attention to cues and clues along the way.

This is a powerful form of leadership and stewardship.

It Takes More Than A Plan

Anyone can just throw together a plan and then head full force into implementing all the details, but it takes patience, awareness, heart and soul, to breathe life into a vision, while continually considering and incorporating life’s many moving parts.

Nonetheless, as women it is vital that we listen to ourselves, prioritize our dreams and goals and move forward in accordance with our inner knowing. Our inner GPS is powerful and from your own experience, you likely know that there isn’t any pay off in ignoring it or you’ll just end up retracing your steps.

Life’s journey is not linear, it’s a spiral path. While we may want to have a clear set plan that plays out perfectly straightforward, there is a good chance that what actually transpires is better anyway.

So, at the soon-to-be dawning of a new year and a question we can certainly ask at any time; what one decision and action might you take to further blossom into a healthier, happier and more fulfilled version of you?

Likely it begins with a shift in priorities, mindset, and the readiness to leave the captivity of a bud that no longer serves your desire and readiness to blossom.

As I was reflecting on my next stages of growth, and thanks to the inspiration of Anais Nin, these words came to me. Maybe they’ll resonate with you as well;

And the day came…

And the day came when it became easier to make good health choices for longer term benefit, that to succumb to unhealthy choices for immediate pleasure.

And the day came, when it was more enticing to ignore unpleasant comments than the allure of retorting back.

And the day came when getting to the truth, even if it meant vulnerability, was more important than gripping onto a false illusion.

And the day came when being true to self was more inviting than continually pleasing others at the expense of our self.

And the day came when trusting that inner voice was more appealing than be influenced by outer chatter.

And the day came, when embracing positive thoughts triumphed over ruminating in negative ones.

And the day came when cooperation and collaboration favoured over competition and comparison.

And the day came when breathing deeply was prioritized over a fast paced rush of getting things done.

And the day came when it was easier to choose laughter over argument.

And the day came, when self care triumphed over personal neglect.

And the day came when confidence prevailed over self doubt.

And the day came when it was more powerful to lead than to follow.

And so the day came.


To the Blossoming of your Bud,

Jill Hewlett

Founder & Mentor Women’s Wellness Circles

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