I have said it countless times, “Circle is the gift that just keeps on giving!” This could not be any truer now. Even though we cannot gather in person, I am so grateful technology is keeping us connected until we can meet in person.

Even virtually, this sacred space is felt as we are invited to be curious, to ask questions, to tune inwards, to reflect, and to experience the interesting and often ancient knowledge that is delivered through our guest speakers: abundant gifts for the taking!

This month I was grateful to offer that safe and inspired space for our participants as we took an important and courageous dive into the foundation of ourselves and became curious about our beliefs. We questioned them and decided which ones were ours and which ones were not! This is a powerful practice to keep us on track to create a life that aligns with OUR true values.

Our beliefs are the foundation from which everything we create is built. They can be the beginning or the end of what we wish to manifest for ourselves. When our beliefs and dreams are aligned, WE create a space in which those dreams have the power to succeed.

Beliefs are at the root of everything we do, and we have so much to gain by ensuring they are distilled purely by US. This can be tricky in a world that is often telling us what to believe!

At every turn we have well-meaning experts, news articles, friends, and strangers on social media – offering a suggestion. This can be a great way to gather information and stay connected.  However, if we are not clear on what we value, and do not make space to question what is true for us, we can end up taking these suggestions as “truths.”  These truths then shape our beliefs which is where all creation begins.

Let us consciously check in with our beliefs and ensure that what is true for us has a space to be heard. Here is a great exercise to get you started.


  1. Take a few moments to bring your awareness into your body. Take a deep inhale and then let it go. Do that several times.
  2. Next you are going to have a look at your inner dialogue and your inner thoughts, which will guide you to unsupportive beliefs that may be hidden and unknowingly guiding your actions.
  3. Now it is time to get truthful and think of an automatic response or conversation you’ve had in your mind with someone lately.

 Here are some examples:

  • You see someone successful in their business, and you think, “Sure, if I had the money to invest in a website, I could be, too.” (Belief underneath: “I can’t succeed without money to invest.”)
  • You see someone in a store without a mask and you think, “Wow, how selfish.” (Belief underneath: “Humans are generally selfish, and they are putting me in danger.”)
  • You see someone in great shape, and you think, “Ha, must be nice to have so much time to exercise!” (Belief underneath: “I don’t have time for me.”)

When you check in with your automatic thoughts and imagined scenarios, you can see the feelings they create and the beliefs that are driving them.


You have the power to question that belief, to see if it is true and if it supports you and where you want to go.  If it is not true or supportive, you have the power to change it!

  1. Take your own example and ask yourself what must you believe for that thought to exist.
  2. Without questioning if it is true or not, ask yourself if that belief supports or hinders you.
  3. Where did this belief come from?
  4. Are you open to changing it or looking for evidence to the contrary?

Here is an example:

“Ha, ‘must be nice to have so much time to exercise.”

  • Underlying belief: “I don’t have time for me.”
  • Does this belief support or block you? “It is blocking me from making myself and my health a priority.”
  • Where does this belief come from? “The belief comes from outside. I grew up watching my mother ignore her own self care while keeping busy caring for everyone else.”
  • Are you open to changing that belief to support you? “Yes, I am open to shifting this belief to one that supports me.”


Intentionally reframing your belief.  For example: “My health is a priority. As I insert exercise into my schedule, this will benefit myself and my family.”

Our power lies in discerning what is true for us and allowing that to guide our actions. We have unique individual experiences and thoughts for a reason. Let us celebrate that and create new beliefs that support how we want to feel, rather than let outdated or inaccurate beliefs decide for us.

To the Creative Power of Your Beliefs!
Amanda Perrone

Moon Mother. WWC Host Oshawa

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