I love my new subscription to Magnolia Magazine this year. It was recommended by a friend, and I felt a resonance with her suggestion immediately.

This issue had a brilliant article entitled, “Looking back at the themes that defined our year.”   It included:

  • Spring – Purpose
  • Summer – Risk
  • Fall – Rhythm
  • Winter – Rest

Let’s explore more about this winter theme of “Rest”:

It seems that this whole year has created a reset to every season as we continue to respond to the current worldwide situation of Covid19 and all it has stirred up in every corner of our lives.  This winter season is no different.

At a season that typically is abuzz with activities including bazaars, Christmas Markets, festive tree lighting, concerts, plays, parties, and work and family gatherings, we are being asked/forced to create new ways of bringing in the festive spirit.

Any time we are forced to remove things from our lives that we love, it is easy to get frustrated or angry and just let ourselves get into a funk. The challenge is that it does not tend to make us feel any better. So let’s take the lessons we have been learning this year and apply them to what is actually being called for as we bring this year to a close.

What do we not have immediate control over?

  • What the media chooses to share out each day
  • The restrictions the government deems necessary in response to said reported statistics
  • What other people choose to decide is right for them
  • What others might say to you about your choices

What do we have control over?  This is always the most important part of the equation.

  • Our choices
  • Our thoughts
  • Our actions
  • Our intentions
  • Our sovereignty
  • Who we choose to listen to
  • Where we get our information from
  • What will inspire and support us
  • How we choose to spend our time
  • How we choose to spend our dollars.

This time of year calls for us to reflect on what we have learned this year.  It is a time to contemplate the seeds we want to plant and nurture for the coming year.  As we hunker down for the colder weather with its shorter daylight hours, let’s carve out some time to be intentional with what we want to create.

On the New Moon of November 15th, I chose to plant new seeds of Joy, Self-Love, Creativity, Soul Purpose and Vitality.  These charge me up with tons of possibilities as I feel into them and fill my energy field with possibility.

After I wrote these seeds into my journal, I read a post from a beautiful soul on Instagram.  I am sure she would welcome me sharing a section of her post where she identified how she was ending 2020 and what she was committing to for 2021.

Here are the inspired words of Kornelia Stephanie:

“I’m drawing up new blueprints. I’m gathering my supporters. I’m ending 2020 on my own terms. I have innovated my self-worth. I’m telling it like it is, and I’m refusing to settle to anything less than love. I have paved a path for all who are ready, and I Am Holding the Bar High.

I’m travelling with my inner power. I am the Leading Lady in my life. A new Rite of Passage is before me. I’m living in my Mastery. I’m committed to a higher level of self-respect with unstoppable stamina. Like Elf Medicine, I am rising and I am taking my tribe with me. You know who you are. I’m focusing on what really matters. I’m making love not war. I’m dancing to the beat of my own drum. I’m ending 2020 on my own terms…   I am informing the field, and I’m swinging into the Age of Aquarius – 2021, as one who unites and is unapologetic of her creative powers. A rising tide lifts all boats. Let us rise to live into our highest human potential and SO IT IS!!!”

Do you feel the power as you read this?  A rising tide does lift all boats!! Let’s raise our positivity-fueled tide together as a unified force to create the world we know is possible.

As we gather monthly in our Women’s Wellness Circles, we strengthen our inner spirit and provide the fuel to raise tides together.  Our Circles are expanding, because the call has come forth.  Let’s journey together and share this magical ride.


Karen Armstrong

Reiki Master, Biophoton Light Therapist & Enneagram Coach


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