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At some point in my twenties, I forgot who I was. I’m not saying I sustained some kind of traumatic brain injury and ended up with amnesia. I just seemed to lose touch with my true Self. If I take the time for introspection, I can tell you almost exactly when it happened. However,  this […]

There is a common and shared thread of energy that ties the tapestry of women together; our visions are woven in the same fabric Women encircling women and valuing each other and everyone’s contributions; with acceptance, without judgment A safe haven to express our thoughts, release a tear, receive a hug and give a hug; […]

This year it seems as though there was no Spring. The Winter was an epic marathon as we braced ourselves from the cold. Yet as the school year draws to a close, our thoughts dare to turn to summer. Those of us parenting or caregiving for school aged children are about to shift into a […]