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Heart coming out of an open book

How comfortable are you with apologising to someone if you hurt their feelings or did something that upset them, whether you intended to or not? How comfortable are you with receiving an apology or even asking for one if someone has hurt you by their words or actions? These are important questions to ask. Your […]

A circle of horses around a water trough with a tree in the centre

This month’s blog is an interview with one of our wonderful Women’s Wellness Circles’ hosts, Tricia Rudy, who is hosting just outside of London, Ontario. 1) How did you find out about Women’s Wellness Circles? I saw a post on a friend’s Facebook timeline about an upcoming Women’s Wellness Circle in my area. The event and […]

Me First! - Image of woman with arms in the air and confetti falling

Humans have a natural inclination to want to be first for things. Among many positive perks, it provides an enjoyable dose of serotonin – that happy neurochemical that gets activated when we feel capable and proud. As a child, having ‘first pick’ as to whom will be on your team for a sport, or to […]