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Good Gorgeous April, Sisters and Friends! The seasons have shifted, and spring is now upon us in the Northern hemisphere. This means new revitalized energy is returning. The ground is softening in preparation for planting, the animals are coming out of hibernation, and we begin to feel a “spring” in our step as the warmth […]

March is a magical month, celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8, 2019 and our second Women’s Wellness Circle annual event, Empower One on March 6, 2019.  I look forward to being a part of both celebrations knowing I will connect, share and learn with others as well as be a part of the cosmic […]

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What is self-care? The Oxford English Dictionary defines self-care as “The practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s well-being and happiness, in particular during times of stress.” So, it’s exactly what it sounds like: taking care of oneself. It’s an activity or practice that is embraced solely for the purpose of one’s well-being. […]