I have said it countless times, “Circle is the gift that just keeps on giving!” This could not be any truer now. Even though we cannot gather in person, I am so grateful technology is keeping us connected until we can meet in person.

Even virtually, this sacred space is felt as we are invited to be curious, to ask questions, to tune inwards, to reflect, and to experience the interesting and often ancient knowledge that is delivered through our guest speakers: abundant gifts for the taking!

This month I was grateful to offer that safe and inspired space for our participants as we took an important and courageous dive into the foundation of ourselves and became curious about our beliefs. We questioned them and decided which ones were ours and which ones were not! This is a powerful practice to keep us on track to create a life that aligns with OUR true values.

Our beliefs are the foundation from which everything we create is built. They can be the beginning or the end of what we wish to manifest for ourselves. When our beliefs and dreams are aligned, WE create a space in which those dreams have the power to succeed.

Beliefs are at the root of everything we do, and we have so much to gain by ensuring they are distilled purely by US. This can be tricky in a world that is often telling us what to believe!

At every turn we have well-meaning experts, news articles, friends, and strangers on social media – offering a suggestion. This can be a great way to gather information and stay connected.  However, if we are not clear on what we value, and do not make space to question what is true for us, we can end up taking these suggestions as “truths.”  These truths then shape our beliefs which is where all creation begins.

Let us consciously check in with our beliefs and ensure that what is true for us has a space to be heard. Here is a great exercise to get you started.


  1. Take a few moments to bring your awareness into your body. Take a deep inhale and then let it go. Do that several times.
  2. Next you are going to have a look at your inner dialogue and your inner thoughts, which will guide you to unsupportive beliefs that may be hidden and unknowingly guiding your actions.
  3. Now it is time to get truthful and think of an automatic response or conversation you’ve had in your mind with someone lately.

 Here are some examples:

  • You see someone successful in their business, and you think, “Sure, if I had the money to invest in a website, I could be, too.” (Belief underneath: “I can’t succeed without money to invest.”)
  • You see someone in a store without a mask and you think, “Wow, how selfish.” (Belief underneath: “Humans are generally selfish, and they are putting me in danger.”)
  • You see someone in great shape, and you think, “Ha, must be nice to have so much time to exercise!” (Belief underneath: “I don’t have time for me.”)

When you check in with your automatic thoughts and imagined scenarios, you can see the feelings they create and the beliefs that are driving them.


You have the power to question that belief, to see if it is true and if it supports you and where you want to go.  If it is not true or supportive, you have the power to change it!

  1. Take your own example and ask yourself what must you believe for that thought to exist.
  2. Without questioning if it is true or not, ask yourself if that belief supports or hinders you.
  3. Where did this belief come from?
  4. Are you open to changing it or looking for evidence to the contrary?

Here is an example:

“Ha, ‘must be nice to have so much time to exercise.”

  • Underlying belief: “I don’t have time for me.”
  • Does this belief support or block you? “It is blocking me from making myself and my health a priority.”
  • Where does this belief come from? “The belief comes from outside. I grew up watching my mother ignore her own self care while keeping busy caring for everyone else.”
  • Are you open to changing that belief to support you? “Yes, I am open to shifting this belief to one that supports me.”


Intentionally reframing your belief.  For example: “My health is a priority. As I insert exercise into my schedule, this will benefit myself and my family.”

Our power lies in discerning what is true for us and allowing that to guide our actions. We have unique individual experiences and thoughts for a reason. Let us celebrate that and create new beliefs that support how we want to feel, rather than let outdated or inaccurate beliefs decide for us.

To the Creative Power of Your Beliefs!
Amanda Perrone

Moon Mother. WWC Host Oshawa

On a recent meeting for Circle hosts, Jill, the founder of Women’s Wellness Circles, spoke briefly about a book she recommends called: ‘Gift from the Sea’ by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. She referred to it as timeless and mentioned that it reflected many of our Circle concepts.

I decided to order it. It has since inspired me to write and share the GIFTS I am receiving in my own life:  the kind that arrive unannounced, in various shapes and forms, without a box or bow.

Immediately, the cover of the book caught my attention. It is a gentle sea green, with a soft pink glow that radiates from the center…like a heart center. There is a delicate shimmering silver seashell with the word GIFT just below it. The back cover describes the author and alludes to the deep reflections she had while on a brief beach vacation. What an invitation to open it and start reading!

I was only on page four when I had my first “a-ha” moment. In the words of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, “…as I went on writing and simultaneously talking with other women, young and old, with different lives and experiences – those who supported themselves, those who wished careers, those who were hard-working housewives and mothers, and those with more ease – I found that my point of view was not unique. In varying settings and under different forms, I discovered that many women, and men too, were grappling with essentially the same questions as I, and were hungry to discuss and argue and hammer out possible answers.  Even those whose lives had appeared to be ticking imperturbably under their smiling clock-faces were often trying, like me, to evolve another rhythm with more creative pauses in it, more adjustment to their individual needs, and new and more alive relationships to themselves and others”.

BOOM! These words struck such a strong cord within me. I immediately inhaled and sunk deeper into my chair, allowing the thoughts to absorb into my being. As I leaned back, I could feel my heart soften, and a whisper from within emerged as the word ‘WOW’ drifted from my mouth. She captured and articulated so clearly what my heart had such a hard time putting into words.

The meaning of the word ‘Gift’ is to endow with some power, quality, or attribute. This is what has been happening in my own life, in unexpected ways. My mixed-up emotions suddenly received the GIFT of aligning with her words and providing me with clarity.

During the pandemic, I have been given a special and unexpected GIFT:  a complete halt and re-adjustment to my daily busy routine and the space for my own rhythm to be revealed.

In the early months of Covid, after I had begun to slow down and unwind, I found myself worried I would somehow get pulled back into the faster moving waters once regular routine started again.  I was concerned that I would not continue the ‘creative pauses’ that I started incorporating into my life.

Yet with each day, week, and month that passes, I am given the space to sink more deeply into a new and more alive relationship with myself. I am taking care of myself better than ever and developing the habit of incorporating necessary breaks. In fact, I am finding spiritual freedom in my ‘creative pauses’, and I am less fearful of going back to what was. What a GIFT!

Another piece from the book that struck me was Anne Lindbergh’s analogy of certain sea creatures living in shells. This is similar to how we are being asked to ‘bubble’.  Along with this, is the idea to simplify and, as sea creatures, ‘shed’ our existing shells. We, too, are being asked to let go in some respects of our own shells of the familiar routines that we have known so well. There are GIFTS in this transition and transformation.

The author’s simple, yet profound, noticing of how Mother Nature reflects our personal nature provides great insights. This has led me to looking up ocean waves on Spotify, because I love the beach. This GIFTS me with the opportunity to listen to ocean sounds all year round.

As I sit closing my eyes and listening – immersing myself into the rhythmic sounds of nature, enjoying a ‘creative pause’, the GIFTS of clarity, change, and growth wash up onto the beach of the shoreline of my mind.

I feel alive and aligned sharing these thoughts. Perhaps you can relate, too? What is washing up on your beach?  What will sink into the sand and remain and what will drift back to sea? What are the GIFTS you are receiving, and what are you releasing?

There is a circular rhythm that emerges when we listen to nature and tune into ourselves. I see similar GIFTS in our Women’s Wellness Circles.

Just like the cover of the book, I have my own soft pink glow that is now radiating from my heart…and I recognize the GIFTS that I, too, share.


By Jennifer Bruder

Women’s Wellness Circle Host – Cambridge ON


Reflecting on the best way to describe a Women’s Wellness Circle, I realized that the majority of the most accurate and powerful words begin with the letter ‘C.’

If you’ve attended a Women’s Wellness Circle or another kind of circle gathering, I’m sure you’ll resonate with the following C-word descriptions:

Community – Humans are social beings; we crave connection with others. Not only does our safety depend on it, our happy brain chemical ‘Oxytocin’ is activated when we sense we can trust another and when we find safety and belonging in a group. In a Women’s Wellness Circle, we immediately feel a sense of community spirit that we are all part of.

Connection – Modern day busy life can feel disconnected and many people report living in ‘silos’. Family members residing under the same roof are frequently on their own tech devices vs. spending quality time together. We crave a network that we can be present to, interact with, share ideas and resources. In a Women’s Wellness Circle, we feel this type of connection with all of the new and familiar faces that gather.

Cooperation – Human beings rely on joint cooperation to survive and thrive. Our ability to work together harmoniously exists at the heart of our human lives and society — it’s how we were able to survive this long on the planet. From daily life interactions to some of our greatest endeavours, co-operation has been a human necessity. In a Women’s Wellness Circle, we are in a co-creative, collaborative and co-operative space.

Clarity – Our personal view of life can become narrow and limited when we lack the input of others. When we are exposed to other people’s experiences, stories and points of view, we have new information and ideas to work with, and can better understand ourselves and clarify our own lens, which will assist us in making better choices and more timely decisions. In a Women’s Wellness Circle, we gain access to clarity that wasn’t otherwise available to us.

Communication – We can become entrenched in our own thoughts and internal dialogue. This can be limiting and repetitive. When women are feeling pressure or stress, we tend to reach out to others for support and dialogue. When we are able to freely express ourselves, and share our stories, our emotions and our values; we are able to gain personal insight and understanding. In a Women’s Wellness Circle there is an on-going spoken and unspoken form of communication that weaves all of the participants together.

Camaraderie – In this busy, tech driven age, making new friends, let alone new acquaintances can be challenging. Friendship is an integral part of everyone’s life journey. Many studies show that friendship boosts our health, well-being and happiness levels, and can provide a reality check when we are not being honest or true with our self. In a Women’s Wellness Circle, new connections and friendships are regularly made.

Courage – It can be easy to get stuck in our own comfort zone and prefer routine over change and adventure, but this inhibits our brain growth which is stimulated through novelty, and stretched by new endeavours. In a Women’s Wellness Circle, we have regular opportunities to build our courage muscles as we expand our horizons; being around new people and exposed to fun and novel experiences.

Confidence – When people notice someone that exudes confidence, they tend to believe that it just ‘comes naturally’ to them; but confidence is not an ‘all or nothing’ skill. It’s easy to have confidence in areas we already have experience or skills. In order to build our confidence we need to be exposed to opportunities to cultivate it. In a Women’s Wellness Circle, we have on-going opportunities try new things, learn and develop skills and confidence.

Coherence – Stress is an incoherent state, whereby our body (actions), mind (thoughts) and heart (feelings) are not working together as a unified team. Daily life demands can easily shift us into incoherence, so we need reminders and strategies that can ‘assist and uplift’ us back into balance and coherence. In a Women’s Wellness Circle we gain tools to support ourselves in reducing stress, investing into our self care and elevating our well-being.

Communion – While we can certainly enjoy our own space and company, there is a powerful energy that is co-created when we are with others. Hearing another person’s point of view, being present to their laughter, tears, insights or ‘ah-ha’ moments can provide a special spark and timely impact on our lives. Likewise, we bring these very gifts to others when we show up, share of ourselves and take part in these group experiences. In a Women’s Wellness Circle, every month we are empowered by the energy and grace of communion.

Of course, we know that Circle is so much more than these 10 descriptive words, but it’s a great place to start. I encourage you to take part in a Women’s Wellness Circle and share with us, the many words and ways you would describe it.


To Your Circle Experiences,

Jill Hewlett

Founder & Mentor of Women’s Wellness Circles




I love my new subscription to Magnolia Magazine this year. It was recommended by a friend, and I felt a resonance with her suggestion immediately.

This issue had a brilliant article entitled, “Looking back at the themes that defined our year.”   It included:

  • Spring – Purpose
  • Summer – Risk
  • Fall – Rhythm
  • Winter – Rest

Let’s explore more about this winter theme of “Rest”:

It seems that this whole year has created a reset to every season as we continue to respond to the current worldwide situation of Covid19 and all it has stirred up in every corner of our lives.  This winter season is no different.

At a season that typically is abuzz with activities including bazaars, Christmas Markets, festive tree lighting, concerts, plays, parties, and work and family gatherings, we are being asked/forced to create new ways of bringing in the festive spirit.

Any time we are forced to remove things from our lives that we love, it is easy to get frustrated or angry and just let ourselves get into a funk. The challenge is that it does not tend to make us feel any better. So let’s take the lessons we have been learning this year and apply them to what is actually being called for as we bring this year to a close.

What do we not have immediate control over?

  • What the media chooses to share out each day
  • The restrictions the government deems necessary in response to said reported statistics
  • What other people choose to decide is right for them
  • What others might say to you about your choices

What do we have control over?  This is always the most important part of the equation.

  • Our choices
  • Our thoughts
  • Our actions
  • Our intentions
  • Our sovereignty
  • Who we choose to listen to
  • Where we get our information from
  • What will inspire and support us
  • How we choose to spend our time
  • How we choose to spend our dollars.

This time of year calls for us to reflect on what we have learned this year.  It is a time to contemplate the seeds we want to plant and nurture for the coming year.  As we hunker down for the colder weather with its shorter daylight hours, let’s carve out some time to be intentional with what we want to create.

On the New Moon of November 15th, I chose to plant new seeds of Joy, Self-Love, Creativity, Soul Purpose and Vitality.  These charge me up with tons of possibilities as I feel into them and fill my energy field with possibility.

After I wrote these seeds into my journal, I read a post from a beautiful soul on Instagram.  I am sure she would welcome me sharing a section of her post where she identified how she was ending 2020 and what she was committing to for 2021.

Here are the inspired words of Kornelia Stephanie:

“I’m drawing up new blueprints. I’m gathering my supporters. I’m ending 2020 on my own terms. I have innovated my self-worth. I’m telling it like it is, and I’m refusing to settle to anything less than love. I have paved a path for all who are ready, and I Am Holding the Bar High.

I’m travelling with my inner power. I am the Leading Lady in my life. A new Rite of Passage is before me. I’m living in my Mastery. I’m committed to a higher level of self-respect with unstoppable stamina. Like Elf Medicine, I am rising and I am taking my tribe with me. You know who you are. I’m focusing on what really matters. I’m making love not war. I’m dancing to the beat of my own drum. I’m ending 2020 on my own terms…   I am informing the field, and I’m swinging into the Age of Aquarius – 2021, as one who unites and is unapologetic of her creative powers. A rising tide lifts all boats. Let us rise to live into our highest human potential and SO IT IS!!!”

Do you feel the power as you read this?  A rising tide does lift all boats!! Let’s raise our positivity-fueled tide together as a unified force to create the world we know is possible.

As we gather monthly in our Women’s Wellness Circles, we strengthen our inner spirit and provide the fuel to raise tides together.  Our Circles are expanding, because the call has come forth.  Let’s journey together and share this magical ride.


Karen Armstrong

Reiki Master, Biophoton Light Therapist & Enneagram Coach


All of our wonderful Women’s Wellness Circle hosts in a growing number of locations across Canada are dedicated to making your time spent in Circle an inclusive, heart-warming, educational and valuable experience.

I’d like to take a moment and highlight some specific and powerful benefits you can expect to receive when you choose to show up in Circle.

I invite you to see if any of these resonate with you.  If so, we’d love to have you join us in Circle.

PRESENCE:  Daily life is busy. We are often worrying about the future or dwelling in the past. Attending a Women’s Wellness Circle allows you to shift into the present moment, to become more self aware, and to take time to listen to your inner self, your thoughts and feelings. As well, the calming and centering activities that the hosts lead to open and close each gathering will enhance this.

MINI GET-AWAY:  Vacations, if we are lucky to take them, are typically short and rare breaks throughout the course of a year. To have a significant impact on your health and wellness, you need consistent and regular breaks. Women’s Wellness Circles provide a wonderful monthly, soul-infusing opportunity to breathe, rejuvenate, and re-inspire you.  It is cost effective and doesn’t require any packing or a suitcase!

SHARED DIVERSITY:  As they say, “Birds of a feather flock together.” It’s normal to be drawn to people with whom we resonate. At the same time, this can limit your way of thinking and doing things. Women’s Wellness Circles provide exposure to a variety of wellness topics and strategies which are delivered amongst a group of familiar faces and new people with varying backgrounds. As well, each person learns from and ‘piggy backs’ on the shifts of those around them.

POWER OF STORY:  You are the author of your life, and you live in accordance with the stories that you believe. At a Women’s Wellness Circle you have the chance to become aware of and to express aspects of your story. When you share your story, you better understand it, you connect closer with others, and you give them insight into their own journeys. In addition, each presenter shares their story, too, and everyone gains insights and inspiration into how they discovered the chosen path they are currently on.

NEUTRAL SPACE:  In your home and work environment, you are immediately plugged into certain mindsets, patterns, habits and ways of conversing. It’s hard to shift out of this, because it’s so engrained. Being in a neutral Women’s Wellness Circle space allows you to unplug and to see with new eyes and a fresh perspective so you can envision and embody a life that is true to you.

INCLUSIVITY:  All women, 18 years and older, are warmly welcomed to participate in Circle, and you feel this the moment you enter the door. In this type of connected space, wonderful co-creative energy is expressed and shared. As well, you benefit from being in the presence of others who also share an interest in personal wellness, learning, and self care.

ONENESS:  By sitting in an actual Circle formation, you immediately experience connection, equality, and oneness with others. There is no hierarchy or reigning authority. Most learning settings use the conventional classroom style set-up. The Women’s Wellness Circle model draws on an innate sense of community. equality and the knowing that we are all one.

SELF FOCUS: At our Women’s Wellness Circles you are invited to put the lens on you: to look within, to listen to your inner voice, and to respect your intuition. Each gathering is an opportunity to strengthen your connection with your self, to invest in your own self-care, and to be seen for who you are, as an individual without all your other titles, responsibilities, or roles.

PATTERN RE-JIG: A popular new saying is ‘Be a disruptor.’ That refers to busting patterns that no longer serve you. That’s hard to do when you are in the busy flow of your regular daily life activities and responsibilities. Women’s Wellness Circles provide a chance to disrupt some of your regular patterns and habits by hearing new perspectives, by asking questions, and by sharing in a fresh environment.

HONOUR & RESPECT: Each person who attends a Women’s Wellness Circle is honoured and respected for their own journey, beliefs and choices. While we can learn from the contrast and experience of others, we do not debate or argue opinions. We simply share our own personal and authentic insights as the opportunities arise, in a kind and welcoming environment.

Most of all, when women gather in Circle, positive healing energy nourishes us, our communities and the world.

I warmly invite you to gather with us in Circle.


Jill Hewlett

Founder & Mentor of Women’s Wellness Circles

The Circle of Life is precious:

Full of transitions, movement, and character development as our roles vary and change with the ebb and flow of circumstances, needs, and family growth.

I’m experiencing this right now as I am blessed to have become a first-time grandmother: “aka, Gramma”.

My grandson is 7 weeks old. Leading up to his entry into the world, I had been imagining what my new role would look like.

When I think back at the special part my own grandmother played in my life, I now realize she was the Matriarch in our home. She was always full of loving support:  gentle, yet strong.

I realize now her impact on me and that I carry her virtues and spirit within me. I can lean into this wisdom, as I take on the role of grandmother to my first grandchild.

From the moment I laid eyes on him, I was in awe as I witnessed the beauty and perfection of life in this sweet child.

My heart swells, my eyes fill with tears as I look into his beautiful eyes, full of wonder and innocence yet — soulful intelligence. He has much to teach us!

I also watch silently, in awe and pride, as my own daughter comes to the realization that she has all of the knowledge she needs built into her own psyche to blossom in her new role as mother to her newborn child.

As well, the relationship between my daughter and me has deepened even more as we grow together and combine old and new experiences and ideals to give this child the most solid foundation that we can offer as a family unit.

The beauty of the Circle of Life is indeed blooming as I witness my own daughter take on her role as mother.

My daughter recently asked me how I felt being called Gramma?

I answered her declaring, “I was meant for this role!” It is a gift and honour to do my best to give everything I have to offer and to be a role model in his life. I will tell him of all the positive changes I have witnessed in the world; I will share the best advice anyone has ever given me; and I will speak my brightest hopes for the future.

I have been blessed by many incredible examples of outstanding women in my life, who have inspired me in so many ways through different transitions like becoming a first-time Gramma.

Grandmothers of today are full of vitality and energy, with a deep sense of knowledge to enlighten our future generations!

This child has been born into our family for a reason. The immediate connection is obvious. We will learn many things from each other. I will love, guide, and support my daughter, as a new mother, and my grandson in his life, as best I can.

Becoming a Gramma has gifted me a new purpose, full of self-fulfillment, and opportunity for personal growth. I’ll do what I can to keep a sense of childlike wonder, to look at life through fresh eyes, and to be willing to explore and witness all the precious ‘firsts’ in my grandchild’s life.

Most of all, I am reminded of all the beauty and unconditional love that is around us and is always in great supply for the taking — when we take off our blinders and shift into the present moment.

This is echoed as people stop us in the street to catch just a glimpse of the miracle of a newborn child. It soothes the soul and connects us to our humanity.

Another important delight:  being a Gramma, has given me the gift of enjoying the circle of women of all ages, coming forward to congratulate, support, smile and share knowledge they have received during their lifetime.

I was even celebrated my new role with a “Gramma Tea”, organized by many women whom I greatly respect. This was like a small Women’s Wellness Circle.

In a world where chaos can easily find us, there is a “calm and peace” when a grandmother finds another aspect of herself and her purpose as she holds her grandchild. I am starting to realize that becoming a Gramma may be one of my most important roles.

We live in a generation where we understand that the health and support of our children and our children’s children, provides an incredible foundation for them.

I promise to be part of building that foundation:  to hold his hand, to smile and to laugh at the silly things, to hug him as much as I can, to give advice when asked, and to help him to cultivate his imagination and presence in the world.

The gift of life is such a miracle, and we so graciously witness it over and over again through the birth of our future generations.

Indeed, the Circle of Life is precious.


With love and gratitude,

Debbie Armstrong  (aka Gramma)


I’m an amazing cook.  Unless it’s rice.  I can mess up rice even in a rice cooker.  But that’s another story.  Even as I say that I’m an amazing cook, I start to doubt – am I actually? What makes me think that?  I’ve really had some colossal flops – minced turkey loaf with gelatin on top.  I was “entertaining”.  My meal certainly was “entertaining”, LOL!  We ordered pizza that night.  🙁

So, who am I to say I’m an amazing cook?  Well, honestly, for me, it comes down to “Joy”!  I simply love handling and preparing fresh, yummy food.  I love the colours.  I love the textures.  The bumpy yellow and green squashes and the smooth dark purple eggplant skins.  I love the aromas.  The simmering pot of chili as you walk in the door.  The scent of garlic you can’t get off your fingertips. I love the complexity of flavours melding together in perfect harmony on your tongue!  The subtle or striking influence of spices!  When I cook, time disappears.

But I confess.  I’m a cook who, almost every time, pulls out a recipe.  I know of others (‘am in awe of them, in fact) who whip up things from scratch.  Who can pull off an amazing beef bourguignon without batting an eyelash – or cracking a cookbook.   That’s not me.

Accordingly, this morning, I was set to make a beef stew.  It’s raining, fall is approaching, and it seemed like just the right time.  I grabbed my laptop and Googled “beef stew recipe”.  My mind darted to that person who flawlessly would do it without the recipe.  I’ve made beef stew like, I don’t know, fifty times?  So why, I thought to myself, do I need a recipe for this?  I know what goes in!

I sat with that thought — and I realized why.  I go poking for a recipe — every time.  Because I like to be INSPIRED.  I like to read a recipe and think “Oh, hey, I hadn’t thought of THAT!”  I like to see the picture.  It connects me to the dish I’m about to make.  As well, I like when someone throws in a new trick, or a new ingredient, or a new way of cooking something!

Then all of those thoughts made me think of the Women’s Wellness Circle which we’re launching in Georgina next week.  And how it comes, pardon the pun, full circle.

When Jill reached out to offer me an opportunity to host Circle, I leapt at the chance!  The Women’s Wellness Circles attract me, because they are a great opportunity to be inspired.  To learn new ways.  To consider something you haven’t considered previously.   And to connect and share with amazing women, both the facilitators, the presenters, and the Circle of women themselves. Women’s Wellness Circle has, simply, all the ingredients!

It’s like trying a new recipe for health and happiness every month.

How appetizing does THAT sound?

I hope you’ll come out to attend a Circle near you to get a taste (yes, pun intended again!).

I think you’ll find it magically delicious!

By the way, so was my stew!


To Your Sacred Journey,
Lauren Helmkay

WWC Host Georgina, ON

Twenty years ago, a good friend invited me to attend a women’s gathering with her.  I happily accepted the offer and was looking forward to joining her.  When we arrived however, a rather unsettling situation transpired…

Unbeknownst to my friend, it was a ‘closed group’. If anyone wanted to bring a friend, they had to run it by the main organizers ahead of time.  Without a lot of details, I can tell you that my friend wasn’t aware of this requirement and was consequently shocked and very apologetic.

Personally, I felt quite uncomfortable immediately feeling unwelcomed, especially when I had been looking forward so much to attending.

After some discussion between the organizers… while I waited… I was ‘allowed to stay’.   In fact, at the end of the evening, I was invited to attend future gatherings as well. I guess I passed the test!

Although I felt awkward and had a hard time truly settling into the experience, I made the most of the evening.  However, needless to say, I never did return.

The experience felt odd— like a high school clique was deciding on whether or not another student could be part of their posse.  Also, their rules and their management of this unique situation didn’t feel like it matched the ultimate mission of what my friend thought this group was about:  to empower and support women.


Uncomfortable situations like this can be wonderful learning and clarifying opportunities for us to better understand who we are and how we personally want to show up and manage ourselves in the world.

Do you have an example from your own life?  I’m sure you do.

Interestingly enough, I later heard a saying, “When everyone is invited, no one is invited.”

What does that mean?  From my understanding, it speaks to the point that if an event is open to whomever would like to attend, then it is not actually ‘invitationally based’.  The event also can’t genuinely cater in a special way to those who attend it.

This statement created an ‘ah-ha’ moment for me — especially after having had the interesting experience with my friend that I shared above. It made me realize that having parameters on an event and who it is for, is not only okay; it’s important if we want to activate a certain amount of energy and focus.

Nonetheless, parameters should be clear to everyone, right from the get-go.  In addition, they certainly should not be thrown around at the last minute, when a guest has just arrived at the door.

This combined awareness led me to a strong and clear inner knowing that if/when I was to start any kind of wellness group, I would make sure that everyone felt warmly welcomed.  Any necessary or defining parameters on whom the event was for would make sense and be clear to everyone well ahead of time.

When I first started Women’s Wellness Circles, I made it straightforward and inclusive, with only two simple and easy criteria that continue today:  it’s open to women who are 18 years of age and older.

Because of this, the first Women’s Wellness Circle that began in my hometown 16 years ago has grown in popularity.  As well, I have since mentored the training and launch of numerous other locations in Ontario, and more across Canada are coming soon.

Of course, there are other aspects to the format and structure that make Women’s Wellness Circles work so well.  The important ones are the valuable wellness information that is shared, the community spirit that is felt, the affordability, accessibility and monthly consistency.  The most important aspect is the fact that it draws amazing women!

The hosts, presenters, and attendees are heartfelt and wellness-oriented women who are down-to-earth, kind, and respectful.  The energy and experience we co-create is incredible!


Since there are so many monthly Women’s Wellness Circles running in various locations, we continue to achieve and surpass our goal. This is a very rewarding and fulfilling endeavour.

If you are interested, I run seasonal trainings for new hosts who want to join in our mission to uplift and nourish the world, one Circle gathering at a time.

If you think this may be an initiative that you would like to be part of, I would be happy to chat!

Circles of Inclusivity and Expansion,

Jill Hewlett

Founder & Mentor
Women’s Wellness Circles

The Seasons have shifted as they always do, and I’m so grateful to have the pleasure of writing and connecting with all of you once again.

Our planet recently celebrated the Solstice. Those in the Southern Hemisphere welcomed the beginning of winter. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we welcomed in summer.

In my work, I enjoy teaching about honouring and celebrating the Seasons and other important and sacred earthly events such as the Solstice, Equinox, Eclipses, and Moon Phases.

With the right knowledge and tools, we can dedicate our heartfelt focus and spiritual energy on the opportunity and energy each special transition brings.

Here’s a brief explanation of just a few of our most recent universal events and how they may impact, elevate or challenge you…

Solstice: The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. It literally means “sun standing still”. The light of this day has a huge impact on us and signals the start of summer. Just like a flower, the Sun and the Season open us up to receive and to give, such as bringing our ideas to life or receiving a bountiful harvest and sharing it with the world.

Eclipses: Eclipses run in families, and each one is connected to the next. Every 18 years a particular “family” returns, and we are offered the opportunity to “eclipse” patterns and habits out of our lives. This can be challenging as the past may resurface for clearing. However, if we are aware, we can actively work with the energy and evolve.

Moon Phases: The Moon Phases offer us a guide in the sky. Each phase brings its own unique energy to move creation forward. The Moon is there to remind us that everything is a phase, and both growth and release is essential to creation. It raises or lowers the waters in our bodies and on our earth, keeping us in balance and flow.

What I appreciate most about these universal events is that they are constant, predictable and always come Full Circle.

They also give us the opportunity to connect us to our greater humanity. By acknowledging and knowing them, we are reminded we are all one. Each cycle can be seen, felt, and celebrated individually, in our local communities, and globally – simultaneously.

While the world is full of unpredictable circumstances and ambiguity that can be difficult to navigate, there is so much comfort to the rhythm, repetition and awareness in these consistent celestial patterns and cycles. It is especially comforting to know we are moving through it together.

In a similar way, as a Globe we are still moving through this pandemic together. We have our individual experience and our collectively shared experience.

I heard a quote recently that really resonated, “We are all in the same storm, but we have different boats.” – Author Unknown

I believe we are all energy, and we come from the same source. Yet, while we all come from that same source, we incarnated into separate containers, vessels or “boats”.

Depending on the conditions, environment and our unique attributes, we have vastly different experiences. This is not to be ignored but rather used to inform and guide us.

As we come out of quarantine and move forward, we all do so on our own and collectively. I invite us to take the lead from Nature and remember these simple and profound principles:

  • We are meant to Transition Together and Individually: How everyone’s “container” looks will be different for each person. A larger scale example is summer in the Northern Hemisphere is winter in the Southern.
  • Even if you can’t see the next phase yet, Transition is Inevitable: Although it can’t yet be felt, seen or heard, we know Autumn will eventually follow Summer. The moment the Moon turns Full it is already Waning or shrinking. Life is full of constant, inevitable transitions, with one leading to the next.
  • Full Circle is Inevitable: There is comfort in the Circle of Life. There is no end and no beginning; there is only flow. In moments of Fullness we can celebrate and prepare. In moments of Waning we can accept the phase knowing once we do it is already changing.

These guiding principles have created a great faith in the intelligence of the planet and have served me well in my life, especially during these recent times of uncertainty.

Knowing there is a higher order working on our behalf gives my soul comfort and a sense safety that I require to follow the natural and intelligent divine order.

Wishing you all a Sweet Summer Season,

Amanda Perrone

Moon Mother

Is there something in your life that needs to change, improve, be re-framed or perhaps released?

There’s a good chance there is and during this pandemic, it’s become harder and harder to ignore.

Can you relate?

While humanity as a whole is dealing with the common issue of COVID-19, on an individual level we are all being asked to step up and face personal and professional issues that need to be addressed.

How do we know this?

Well, it’s “written in the stars”. As well, you can probably feel it.

In this month’s online Women’s Wellness Circle hosted by our Toronto East End location, my dear friend and internationally recognized astrologer, Crystal Eves, was our inspired presenter.

She talked to us about the intense planetary alignment that is occurring and how it’s impacting us globally and individually.


What the heck does that mean?

Collectively we are in a very powerful time that will last until the end of the year. Yes, this is a marathon, not a sprint; so don’t hold your breath.

While COVID-19 is impacting us on a global and planetary level, it is also affecting us individually – in unique, important, and powerful ways.

We are all being called to notice, to take stock of, and to change the part(s) of our lives that no longer serve us.

Will it be hard to figure out what this issue is?  Nope, it’s obvious, and it’s probably been around for a while.

In Crystal’s words, “the pandemic planetary alignment is not only like spotting a grizzly, it’s like finding one in your kitchen. Or your bed. Or your work cubicle. Each situation, of course, having its own ramifications.”

The trick is to not ignore this awareness that is being highlighted, or to fool yourself into believing that it will go away on its own. Because it won’t; it will only grow stronger.

While this may feel daunting, it has ‘opportunity’ written all over it!

Our lives, in many ways, have been flipped 180 degrees. There is no normal.  We must find new methods, habits and patterns anyway. Therefore, why not leverage this and make strategic and worthwhile changes that are in your best interest?

According to Crystal, “your grizzly might be your financial management, now revealing itself as unable to absorb disruptions. It might be your relationship, whose dysfunctional dynamics have become undeniable after weeks of quarantine. Your grizzly might be your health and any regrets you have about not making lifestyle changes that would have reduced your vulnerability to the virus.”

As well, Crystal adds that, “Your grizzly isn’t necessarily bad, or even a problem— it’s just the thing that has become urgent or obvious. This could mean that the circumstances of the pandemic have caused you to remember that you love performing music and that you weren’t honouring this before. Maybe you’re seeing, that despite what you have told yourself for years, the reason you don’t write that novel is not a lack of time, but instead a lack of confidence. Maybe after months in lockdown, you are rethinking the life choices that have kept you from spending precious time with loved ones.”

Well, I can tell you that everyone who attended that online Circle became very clear and excited to tackle their own Grizzly!  And the best part, we know that we aren’t doing this alone. Everyone has their own challenge to confront and opportunities to seize. Sharing in this conversation, in the space of Circle, made it that much more welcoming, safe and supported.

If you’d like a personal reading to find out more specific details on the planetary dance that is happening in your chart, you can contact Crystal directly at:

In the meantime, I offer you many blessings as you take the courage and steps to greet that bear that is staring right at you, calling your name, and asking you to give it the attention and care it deserves.


With love,

Jill Hewlett

Founder & Mentor
Women’s Wellness Circles